Digital Services Act

Information about European Union Digital Services Act Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution Option and Judicial Redress 

If you are a recipient of the X Service in the EU and you think we’ve made a mistake in deciding:

(i) whether or not to remove or disable access to or restrict visibility of information on the X Service;

(ii) whether or not to suspend or terminate the provision of the X Service, in whole or in part, to a recipient(s) and/or their account(s); or

(iii) whether or not to suspend, terminate or otherwise restrict the ability to monetise information provided by a recipient(s);

on the ground that information provided to the X Service is illegal or violates our Terms of Service, you can appeal our decision through our internal appeals process described here. Alternatively or in addition, you are entitled to select any out-of-court dispute settlement body certified by the Digital Services Coordinator in the relevant Member State of the EU to resolve a dispute relating to any such decision.

X will engage with the selected certified out-of-court dispute settlement body with a view to resolving the dispute in accordance with the Digital Services Act. You should be aware that X is not bound by any decision made by a certified out-of-court dispute settlement body.

You also have the option of judicial redress by pursuing your claim with a competent court in a European Member State and you may also have other legal options. 

If you wish to consider any out-of-court or judicial redress options, you may want to consult a legal advisor.


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