Personalized content based on your third-party web activity

More personalized suggestions make building a great timeline — filled with Tweets, links, media, and conversations from people and topics you’re interested in — easier and faster. Twitter can show you more relevant Tweets, more relevant suggestions about who you might enjoy following, and better ads.

How it works

We determine what content you might enjoy based on a number of factors. If you have the Allow use of where you see Twitter content across the web setting enabled in your Personalization and data settings, we may consider your visits to other websites that integrate Twitter content (such as embedded timelines). For example, if you regularly visit birdwatching websites, we might suggest accounts that frequently Tweet about that topic, or show you ads for binoculars or birdfeeders. 

To protect your privacy, we never associate this web browsing history with your name, email address, phone number, or Twitter handle, and we delete, obfuscate, or aggregate it after no longer than 30 days, as explained in our Privacy Policy.


It’s up to you

We are committed to offering you meaningful privacy choices. If you don’t want personalization (including ads) based on your visits to third-party websites that integrate Twitter content, there are several ways to turn off this feature:

  • For users signing up to Twitter on the web, you can uncheck the box that says Twitter for web.*
  • After signup or if you are using Twitter logged-out, you can disable the Allow use of where you see Twitter content across the web setting in your Personalization and data settings.*

Note: Please confirm that you are logged in if you want to view or change the web settings for your Twitter account. Changing your Twitter settings in your web browser when you are logged out will only affect behavior on that browser while you are not logged in to Twitter. Learn more about how to access your personalization and data settings, including in your Twitter mobile app.

We don’t store this web browsing history from websites that have opted out of this collection, or from certain domains such as .mil and .gov. If you have disabled the Allow use of where you see Twitter content across the web setting in your Personalization and data settings or are in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, Twitter will not store or use such web page visits to improve your experience in the future. If we’ve previously stored your web browsing history, your experience may continue to be personalized based on information already inferred from that history.

For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

*Please note: Changing these settings won't turn off tracking for certain features, which require website visit information for the feature to work. 

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