How to customize settings for your new account

When you create a new X account, you’ll want to customize your X settings and profile. Depending on your country, and the information you provided when you created your account, you may also wish to adjust your settings to get the most from your experience. 



Control your discoverability, and let your phone or email contacts find you.

Often the best connections on X are with people you already know. In order to help you make those connections, X may use your email address or phone number to help others find your account. You can turn this X setting on or off by accessing your email, and phone number discoverability privacy settings.



Receive email about your X activity and recommendations

X is where you can see what’s happening in the world right now. In order to keep you informed about activity related to your new X account, and provide recommendations of what’s most relevant or popular in the moment, X may send you emails. Unsubscribe from these emails at any time by updating the email preferences in your X settings.




Receive personalized ads based on your activity off X

X works with ads partners and affiliates to bring you more useful and interesting ads on and off X. X’s ad partners and affiliates share information directly with us, and may integrate our advertising technology to enable X to collect similar information directly from their websites or apps. Your personalized ads setting controls whether X uses this data to show you interest-based advertising on and off X, and also controls whether X will use data about your activity on X to show you interest-based advertising off X. Learn more about your privacy controls of personalized ads.

After you finish creating your new account, you can always review and modify these and other settings through your account settings, available on, X for iOS, and X for Android.

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