ID Verification Policy & Privacy


September 2023

X uses ID verification for:

(1) User Experience Enhancement: X will provide a voluntary ID verification option for certain X features to increase the overall integrity and trust on our platform. We collect this data when X Premium subscribers optionally choose to apply for a verified badge by verifying their identity using a government-issued ID. Once confirmed, a verified label is added to the user's profile for transparency and potentially unlocking additional benefits associated with specific X features in the future. This option is currently only available to individual users and not businesses or organizations.

(2) Safety and Security Purposes: In certain instances, X may require your government-issued ID when needed to ensure the safety and security of accounts on our platform. We collect this data when investigating and enforcing our policies and may request an ID verification in response to impersonation reports. Currently, X focuses on account authentication to prevent impersonation, and may explore additional measures, such as ensuring users have access to age-appropriate content and protecting against spam and malicious accounts, to maintain the integrity of the platform and safeguard healthy conversations.

X Premium ID Verification Benefits: 

  • Receive a visibly labeled ID verification in the pop-up that appears when clicking on your blue check mark
  • Benefit from increased trust from other users who will see your ID verification label when they hover over your blue check mark
  • Receive prioritized support from X Services, allowing you to quickly receive the support you need

More benefits to come:

  • Speed up the process of obtaining a blue check mark through a simplified review process
  • Enjoy greater flexibility in making frequent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle)

Where is ID Verification Available?

ID Verification is currently available in numerous countries and will soon be extended to include more, such as the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and the United Kingdom (UK).

What Does ID Verification Mean?

Our verification process focuses on ensuring that a real person with valid identification is the owner of the account. Please note that an ID verification label does not mean an endorsement from X nor an indicator of an account holder’s importance.

Accounts that are not in compliance with the X’s Terms, Rules, or policies are subject to losing their ID verified label.

What Data Does X Collect?

For users that complete the ID verification flow, we collect an image of the ID and the selfie, which include face data and data extracted from the ID.

How Long is This Data Retained?

  • Au10tix deletes images of the IDs within 72 hours of receiving them. Selfies are deleted immediately after we receive the processing results. This helps ensure the protection of your data and privacy. 

  • The  data extracted from the ID is retained for 30 days. This helps X provide you an opportunity to appeal a verification decision and for X to review your appeal. The extracted data is deleted after 30 days.

Does X Retain This Data or Share It with any Third Parties?

X does not directly retain this data. We share face data with a third party, Au10tix, who acts as our data processor. Au10tix processes and stores the data as detailed above.


Re-verifying your identification helps us ensure that the platform remains secure and that each user’s verification has the highest levels of accuracy. X may request you to re-verify your identification for the following reasons, amongst others:

  • If the account name changes

  • If there is a need for additional verification for safety and security purposes

  • If the purpose of the account has changed

  • If the account violates our Inactive Account Policy

  • If the ownership of the account has been transferred to a different user

Any identity-related information shared with X is handled safely, securely, and used only for the purposes we share with you.

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