Subscribing to newsletters on X

Keep up with your favorite creators who have Revue newsletters. Easily subscribe to a newsletter from the creator’s X profile or from posts.

Revue is X’s editorial newsletter subscription service. People who choose to subscribe to a Revue newsletter from a X profile will enter into a free subscription for that newsletter. If the creator’s content includes an option for paid newsletters, the subscriber can choose to upgrade on Revue by providing payment information at that time. Creators can control the display of the newsletter feature on their X profiles from their settings on Revue

Note: Signing up to receive or create Revue newsletters is subject to Revue’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By signing up you agree to share your email address with the newsletter. 

FAQs for readers

How do I subscribe to a newsletter on Twitter?

On the creator's profile, click or tap Subscribe. Or, to subscribe from your Home timeline, go to a Tweet that shows the creator's newsletter and click or tap Subscribe.

Can I Tweet a creator’s Revue profile or newsletter issue?

Yes, you can share either a profile or a specific newsletter issue through Tweets. When composing a Tweet, add the link to the creator’s Revue profile or to a newsletter issue you’d like to share, and Twitter will automatically generate a link preview of the creator’s newsletter or Revue profile. 

Can I read a preview of a newsletter on Twitter before subscribing?

In your Home timeline, you can preview a newsletter from a Tweet that shows the creator’s newsletter. On the Tweet, click or tap to read a preview. You will then see the option to subscribe. If you already subscribe to the newsletter, you may not be asked to subscribe again. 

How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter?

Click or tap on the Unsubscribe or Manage subscription link in any Revue newsletter email you receive from the creator.

Can I subscribe to other newsletters besides Revue from a Twitter profile?

Currently you can only subscribe to Revue newsletters directly from a creator’s Twitter profile. 

FAQs for creators

How do I show a newsletter on my Twitter profile?

Showing a newsletter on a Twitter profile lets people subscribe to a creator’s Revue newsletter directly from the creator’s Twitter profile. Once the creator turns on the subscribe feature in Revue, people on Twitter will see a module on the creator’s Twitter profile that invites them to subscribe. The reader can automatically use it to subscribe through Revue. The purpose of the subscribe from profile feature is to provide people on Twitter with information about the creator's newsletter, including the newsletter title, author, and subscription fee, if any. We do not permit this feature to be used as “clickbait” or for promoting external products or services, distributing offers or promotions, or similar activity. 

Note: The email used to subscribe (including any email associated with a subscriber's Twitter account) will be shared with the newsletter owner.

Who can show newsletters on Twitter?

Any creator with a Twitter account connected to their Revue newsletter can turn on the feature to let anyone on Twitter subscribe to their newsletter from Twitter. Readers who would like to subscribe to a newsletter can use the feature any time they see it on a creator’s Twitter profile or on Tweets from the creator or others in their timeline.

Is there another way to share my newsletter on Twitter aside from my profile?

Yes, you can share it through Tweets. When composing a Tweet, add the link to your Revue profile, and Twitter will automatically generate a link preview for you. If you want to show a specific issue of your newsletter instead, just add the link to the issue you want to show and Twitter will generate a link preview of the issue. As with the  subscribe from profile feature, we do not permit this feature to be used as "clickbait" or for promoting external products or services, distributing offers or promotions, or similar activity.

How does showing my newsletter on my Twitter profile work with my Revue account?

We’ve integrated the features so that you can show a link to subscribe to your newsletter on your Twitter profile even if you don’t use Twitter to log into Revue. Before connecting your Twitter account to Revue (via the Integrations page on Revue), make sure you’re logged into Twitter on a separate tab, then click or tap on Connect in the Twitter card on the Integrations page. You can do this even if you’ve used your email address and not your Twitter log in to sign up to Revue. You can change this setup at any time. Get help setting up and managing your Revue account. Remember that the purpose of this feature is to clearly and accurately share information about your newsletter with readers on Twitter. As always, your use of this feature is subject to the Revue Terms of Service, including that the information you share this way must be current, complete and accurate. Improper use of this feature may result in suspension of your Revue account. 

I logged into my Revue account using my Twitter log in, but it looks like my content is gone.

You may be seeing this if you registered on Revue using your email address and a password as opposed to your Twitter log in. Even if you’ve connected your accounts, it is not possible to log into your Revue account with Twitter. However, this will not affect your newsletter showing on your Twitter profile, as long as you connect your accounts in accordance with the Integrations page on Revue.

What if I have multiple Twitter accounts and my Revue newsletter is connected to the wrong one?

You can connect your newsletter to a Twitter account other than the Twitter account you used to log in to Revue by visiting the Integrations page. First, you’ll need to click or tap Disconnect in the Twitter card on the Integrations page on Revue. Then, go to Twitter in a new tab on your browser, log out of the account you don’t want the Subscribe button to appear on, and log into the one you do want the Subscribe button to appear on. Come back to Revue, and click or tap on Connect now on the Integrations page. Once you’ve configured your Settings as described above, you can show your newsletter on your profile and this will appear on the most recent Twitter account you connected. Learn how to switch the Twitter account connected with Revue

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