How to go live together on Periscope

As a broadcaster, you can invite your viewers to join your live broadcasts as guests. Up to three guests can join at a time, and be heard by everyone. Going live together creates new opportunities for broadcasters to engage with their audience while controlling their broadcasting experience.

To go live together, both the broadcaster and guests must opt in (and either party can stop at any time). First, as a broadcaster, you’ll need to select the double face icon on the Broadcast Tab before going live. Viewers can then ask to join, and the broadcaster can choose to accept their requests and add them as guests. The broadcaster and viewers can tap on any guest’s avatar to make it appear biggest on their screen.  

When a broadcaster chooses to add a guest, both the broadcaster and their guest see a countdown. During the countdown, the broadcaster can preview their guest's audio, before it can be heard by everyone else in the broadcast. Both the broadcaster and their guest can choose to cancel at any time.

You can go live together on iOS or Android, and watch from iOS, Android, or web. 

How does a broadcaster add guests?

Before going live, tap the double face icon on the Broadcast Tab to be able to invite guests during your broadcast.

To invite viewers

  1. Tap the double face icon.
  2. Tap Invite Guests.

To add guests during a broadcast

  1. Tap the double face icon.
  2. Tap the plus icon next to the viewers you’d like to add as guests.

Once guests join, their avatars will appear on screen and they will be heard by everyone. You can remove them at any time by tapping the X on their avatar.

After removing a guest, you can view their profile, mute, or block their account by tapping the X next to the removal confirmation and selecting one of these options.

If at any time you decide you no longer want to allow guests in your broadcast, you can tap the double face icon, select Guest List, and tap Don’t Allow Guests.


If a guest violates the Periscope Community Guidelines, we may have to remove the entire broadcast. In some cases, account penalties may be applied to the broadcaster.

How does a viewer ask to join as a guest?

To ask to join as a guest

  1. Tap the double face icon.
  2. Tap Ask to Join.

A viewer can also ask to join as a guest directly from the chat message that appears when a broadcaster requests invites.

After a viewer has asked to join, the broadcaster must choose to add them. Viewers will be notified if the broadcaster chooses to add them. Then, their avatars will appear on screen and they will be heard by everyone. Because guests are joining someone else’s broadcast, people they have blocked may see that they’ve joined and hear them. A guest can stop at any time by tapping cancel or hang up.

The first time a viewer requests to join, they will be prompted to confirm their request before it’s submitted to the broadcaster.


When a viewer joins a broadcast as a guest, their audio will remain part of the broadcast even if they choose to deactivate their account.

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