About X Verified Organizations

We’re creating the most trusted place on the internet for organizations to verify their affiliations and reach their followers.

X Verified Organizations enables organizations of all types–businesses, non-profits, and government institutions–to sign up and manage their verification and to affiliate and verify any related account. Please see Purchaser Terms of Service for more info.

Any organization that purchases a subscription to Verified Organizations will receive a gold checkmark and square avatar if they are a business or non-profit, or a grey checkmark and square avatar if they are a governmental or multilateral organization. Learn more about profile labels on X and what they mean.

In addition, organizations can choose to affiliate any X account associated with them. An affiliated account receives verification (denoted by either a blue, gold, or grey checkmark) as well as an affiliate badge, a small image of their parent organization's profile picture, displayed next to their checkmark. Clicking or pressing this badge takes a user directly to the affiliated organization, making it a great driver of followers from your whole network on X.

For example, a company can affiliate their leadership, brands, support handles, employees or teams. A government can affiliate its precincts, officials, or their other entities. There is no limit to the number of affiliates an organization can have, or who they can affiliate (as long as they are related). All vetted and approved government organization and government individuals accounts can receive a grey checkmark and affiliate badge if they sign up for Verified Organizations.

By subscribing, organizations can access our new tool to manage verification, meaning you have full control over your organization's presence on X. You’ll be able to add and remove affiliated accounts at any time. Affiliates must accept an invite in order to receive verification. 

A Verified Organizations subscription is $1,000/month and $50/month for each additional affiliate (plus any applicable tax) in the U.S. Prices may vary by region and are subject to change. Click here for pricing information.


Verified Organizations elevates and distinguishes organizations and their affiliates on X. Gold and grey checkmarks, square avatars, and custom affiliation badges verify and differentiate you and your entities main account, spokespeople and subsidiary accounts. We will continue to improve our service and may change our features from time to time.

X reserves the right without notice to remove your checkmark or other badging at any time at its sole discretion, including if you violate our Purchaser Terms, Terms of Service, and policies, or if your account is suspended.


Verified Organizations Portal

We’re launching an entirely new feature on X that lets any Verified Organization sign up, manage their billing, and verify their network. 

The Verified Organization portal lets organizations add and remove affiliated accounts and provides immediate verification status to anyone in their network who accepts their invitation to affiliate. This could be for new employees, a newly launched movie franchise, or recent team changes for professional sports groups. 

Learn more about how to use the Verified Organizations portal here.



The best marketing comes directly from real people on X. Now, you can affiliate your organization’s champions so that everyone knows where they work. Affiliates receive a small image of their organization's account profile picture next to their name every time they post, send a DM, or appear in search. 

You can affiliate anyone who represents or is associated with your organization: leadership, journalists, sports teams and players, politicians, customer support, franchises, sub-brands, products and so on. An account you invite to affiliate must accept your invitation before they receive the affiliation badge. 


Priority on X 

Organic posts by your organization and its affiliates will be seen by more people, without the need for advertising.


Custom Organization Profile

Verified Organizations receive a number of customizations to their profile. In addition to gold checkmarks, businesses also receive a square avatar, clearly distinguishing them from other organizations.

All Verified Organizations accounts also receive a new tab on their profile that lists all affiliated accounts. This appears next to the posts tab and displays any affiliated accounts.

With affiliation badges and the affiliation tab, this makes it easy for visitors to click on the badge of an affiliate, arrive at the organization’s profile, and see all the other affiliated accounts in one place.


Impersonation Defense

All Verified Organizations and their affiliated accounts are defended against impersonation. Accounts are monitored for changes (including display names, profile photos, and usernames) and flagged for further review if impersonation is detected. 

In addition, all Verified Organizations have access to Premium Support which enables you to quickly escalate any critical issues.


Premium Support

Verified Organizations have access to Premium Support.

Organizations experiencing issues, including with onboarding, removing or adding affiliates, billing, or issues with impersonation of your accounts, can contact Premium Support and we will ensure you timely support and escalations.


Elevated post, DM, and media upload limits

Verified Organizations and their affiliates have significantly elevated post, DM, and media upload rate limits. Verified Organizations subscribers can use this to provide seamless customer support, live-post events, or run auto-response campaigns.


Hiring (Beta)

Feature critical roles on your company profile and organically reach millions of relevant candidates.


X Premium+

All accounts (organizations and their affiliates) subscribed to Verified Organizations will receive all the benefits of X Premium+. You’ll get access to features like Edit post, Bookmark Folders, Longer posts, Prioritized rankings in conversations, and Reduced ads.*

See more on X Premium+ here.

*Not all features available on all platforms and locations. X Premium+ and Verified Organizations features may change periodically as we keep improving the service.


Advertising Credit

Verified Organizations receive a $1,000 ads credit to spend on advertising on X. Take full advantage of your affiliate badges to promote your organization or its affiliates. See our terms here

To use your ad credit

Learn more and terms here

  1. Navigate to the Advertising tab in your portal: x.com/i/verified/advertising
  2. You can add any ads account ID affiliated with either your organization account or any affiliated to the text input. Find the ads account ID you'd like to use by navigating to ads.twitter.com.
  3. Click activate. 
  4. Your ads account will be applied and the screen will update to "Active"
  5. You have 30 days to spend the credit before it expires. 

How to apply

Follow these steps to onboard to Verified Organizations:

  1. Sign up and add your eligibility criteria to the form
  2. Add your payment details
  3. Your account will be reviewed
  4. Initially you will be able to leverage all the benefits of X Premium+, but your organization will not receive a gold or grey checkmark and you will not be able to add affiliated accounts until your account is approved
  5. Once reviewed and approved, your account will immediately be verified and you will be able to add accounts as affiliates

Only organization accounts (businesses, non-profits, governments, and multilateral organizations) are allowed on Verified Organizations. Personal accounts are not allowed on Verified Organizations. Accounts which sign up for Verified Organizations but are not an organization account will not be refunded.

Please note: some restrictions apply. Also review our Purchaser Terms of Service.


Criteria for eligibility

  • An organization must provide a matching active X account, current organization email address, and current website domain when they sign up.

  • An organization must have access to and manage the matching active account they wish to verify. You will be required to authenticate your account when you activate your new subscription.

  • For government organizations, you must provide an official government email address (e.g., “.gov”).
  • Your organization's profile must be complete with an accurate profile photo, bio, and display name.
  • You may be asked to provide additional details.

We support credit card payments and invoicing.


The Verified Organizations Portal is a web-only, enterprise feature, meaning management and billing via the portal are exclusively available on web.

Accounts who receive checkmarks, affiliation badges, and Premium+ can manage their settings on the web, and in the iOS and Android apps.

Verified Organizations is available globally. See our pricing here.


How to use Verified Organizations

The Verified Organizations portal is designed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. Once your organization is onboarded, you’ll be able to add and remove affiliated accounts, and manage your billing all in one place.

How to activate your account
  1. Any organization can sign up directly in the app via this link.

  2. You will be prompted to choose a payment method Direct or Invoicing:

    a. Direct payments support credit cards and some forms of wire transfer and let you pay upfront and get access immediately

    b. Invoicing is for purchase orders above 5 affiliates, allowing organizations to bulk order and process internally. Purchases can be made via wire and bank transfer and must be completed within 60 days. 

  3. Once you complete your purchase your account will be reviewed per our criteria above and approved if it meets them.

  4. You’ll be notified (via email) that your account is ready to activate. You can also follow this link to complete onboarding.

  5. Your account will be ready to use and you can begin adding affiliated accounts. 


How to add affiliated accounts

Verified Organizations lets any organization add accounts affiliated with their organization. You are responsible for any account you affiliate as per our Purchaser Terms of Service, Terms of Service, and other policies. To add affiliated accounts:

  1. Click Add accounts.

  2. A popup will appear where you can search for any account.

  3. You can add as many affiliates as you want. These accounts must be related to your account and conform to our Purchaser Terms of Service

  4. To add an affiliate click the “Send Invite” button. 

  5. When you send an invite, the affiliated user will be notified (via email and push notification) that you have invited them to join.

  6. They will be added to the “Pending” tab in the Portal.

  7. Once the user accepts, they will immediately get a checkmark and affiliate badge, and they will move from the “Pending” tab to the “Accounts” tab.
  8. You can change an affiliate's verification type by switching between individual (blue checkmark) and organization (gold checkmark) in the portal. Accounts for individuals must labeled as individuals (blue checkmark), and organization accounts must be labeled as organizations (gold checkmark). 
How to remove affiliated accounts
  1. You can remove affiliated accounts quickly and easily by clicking the “X” remove button in the row next to any affiliated account.

  2. You’ll be prompted to confirm with “Are you sure you want to remove @handle?”

  3. Clicking “Yes, do it” will immediately remove both verification and affiliation badges for the affiliated account.

  4. Note: The removed affiliated account will lose verification and affiliation but you will continue to be billed for the affiliated account until the end of the next billing cycle for that account.
How to use your advertising credit

Verified Organizations receive a $1000 ads credit to spend on advertising on X every month for a limited time. Take full advantage of your affiliate badges to promote your organization or its affiliates. See our terms here

  1. Navigate to the Advertising tab in your portal: x.com/i/verified/advertising
  2. You can add any ads account ID affiliated with either your organization account or any affiliated to the text input. Find the ads account ID you’d like to use by navigating to ads.twitter.com. 
  3. Click activate.
  4. You ads account will be applied and the screen will update to “Active”.
  5. You have 30 days to spend the credit before it expires. 
How to manage your jobs
  1. Navigate to the Hiring tab in your Portal.
  2. Add your jobs through a supported Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration or manually using the 'Add job' button. If you would like to integrate using an XML feed, please contact us at XHiringSupport@x.com.
  3. Feature your top roles on your profile by clicking 'Start showing my jobs'. You can select which specific roles are featured by toggling on 'Featured' for individual jobs.
  4. To share your jobs, click the 3-dot menu next to the job and select 'Copy link to job' to share across your timeline, communities, and DMs.
How to cancel your subscription
  1. To cancel your subscription, navigate to the Settings tab in your Portal.

  2. Click the cancellation link. 

  3. Canceling Verified Organizations will result in your organization immediately losing its gold checkmark. All affiliated accounts will be immediately removed from your organization’s profile and lose their gold or blue checkmarks and affiliate badges.

  4. You will not be refunded for the remaining period left on your subscription before your next billing cycle. You will not be billed after that.

How to manage your billing
  1. Navigate to the Billing tab in your Portal.

  2. You’ll be taken to our payment provider’s, Stripe, customer billing portal.

  3. Here, you’ll be able to manage your billing details.



Country Base Subscription price per month Affiliate Seat Subscription price per month
United States $1,000 $50 USD
Canada $1,000 CAD $50 CAD
Australia $1,500 AUD $75 AUD
Japan ¥135,000 JPY ¥8,000 JPY
Brazil R$5,300 BRL R$260 BRL
Saudi Arabia SAR4,000 SAR200
Mexico $19,000 MXN $940 MXN
United Arab Emirates 3,700 AED 185 AED
France €1,140 EUR €60 EUR
Germany €1130.50 EUR €59.50 EUR
Switzerland $1,000 USD $50 USD
Italy €1,159 EUR €61 EUR
Ireland €1168.50 EUR €61.50 EUR
Israel ₪ 3,600 ILS ₪ 180 ILS
United Kingdom £1,140 GBP £60 GBP
New Zealand $1,500 NZD $75 NZD
Indonesia Rp 15,056,000 Rp 752,800
India ₹ 82,300 INR ₹ 4,120 INR
Spain €1,149.50 EUR €61.50 EUR
Portugal €1,168.50 EUR €61.50 EUR
Netherlands €1,149.50 EUR €61.50 EUR
Poland €1,168.50 EUR €61.50 EUR
Belgium €1,149.50 EUR €60.50 EUR
Lithuania €1,149.50 EUR €60.50 EUR
Slovakia €1,140 EUR €60 EUR
Latvia €1149.50 EUR €60.50 EUR
Slovenia €1,159 EUR €61 EUR
Estonia €1,140 EUR €60 EUR
Croatia €1187.50 EUR €62.50 EUR
Luxembourg €1,102 EUR €58 EUR
Malta €1,121 EUR €59 EUR
Cyprus €1130.50 EUR €58.50 EUR
Finland €1,178 EUR €62 EUR
Greece €1,178 EUR €62 EUR
Austria €1,140 EUR €60 EUR
Sweden kr 13000 SEK kr 650 SEK
Romania lei 5,474 RON lei 273.70 RON
Czech Republic Kč 26,499 CZK Kč 1,331 CZK
Denmark kr 8,625 DKK kr 437.50 DKK
Hungary Ft 449,453 HUF Ft 22,504.40 HUF
Bulgaria лв 2,280 BGN лв 120 BGN
Turkey ₺19,100 TRY ₺960 TRY
Thailand ฿ 34,100 THB ฿1,710 THB
Philippines ₱54,400 PHP ₱ 2,720 PHP
South Africa R 18,100 ZAR R 910 ZAR
Argentina $205,800 ARS $10,290 ARS
South Korea ₩1,287,300 KRW ₩ 64,370 KRW
Egypt E£31,000 EGP E£1,550 EGP
Nigeria ₦ 460,500 NGN ₦ 23,030 NGN
Malaysia RM 4,500 MYR RM 230 MYR
Colombia $4,757,000 COP $237,850 COP
Chile $807,600 CLP $40,380 CLP
Singapore S$1,400 SGD S$70 SGD
Kenya KSh 131,300 KES KSh 6,570 KES
Iceland kr 138,500 ISK kr 6,930 ISK
Norway kr 10,500 NOK kr 530 NOK
Ukraine $1,000 USD $50 USD
Kenya $1,000 USD $50 USD
Dominican Republic $1,000 USD $50 USD
Afghanistan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Albania $1,000 USD $50 USD
Algeria $1,000 USD $50 USD
Angola $1,000 USD $50 USD
Anguilla $1,000 USD $50 USD
Antigua and Barbuda $1,000 USD $50 USD
Armenia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Aruba $1,000 USD $50 USD
Azerbaijan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bahamas $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bahrain $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bangladesh $1,000 USD $50 USD
Barbados $1,000 USD $50 USD
Belarus $1,000 USD $50 USD
Belize $1,000 USD $50 USD
Benin $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bermuda $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bhutan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bolivia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Bosnia and Herzegovina €950 EUR €50 EUR
Botswana $1,000 USD $50 USD
British Virgin Islands $1,000 USD $50 USD
Brunei $1,000 USD $50 USD
Burkina Faso $1,000 USD $50 USD
Cambodia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Cameroon $1,000 USD $50 USD
Cape Verde $1,000 USD $50 USD
Cayman Islands $1,000 USD $50 USD
Central African Republic €950 EUR €50 EUR
Chad $1,000 USD $50 USD
Comoros $1,000 USD $50 USD
Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kinshasa) $1,000 USD $50 USD
Congo, Republic of the (Brazzaville) $1,000 USD $50 USD
Costa Rica $1,000 USD $50 USD
Cote D'Ivoire $1,000 USD $50 USD
Djibouti $1,000 USD $50 USD
Dominica $1,000 USD $50 USD
Ecuador $1,000 USD $50 USD
El Salvador $1,000 USD $50 USD
Equatorial Guinea $1,000 USD $50 USD
Eritrea $1,000 USD $50 USD
Eswatini $1,000 USD $50 USD
Fiji $1,000 USD $50 USD
Gabon $1,000 USD $50 USD
Gambia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Georgia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Ghana $1,000 USD $50 USD
Grenada $1,000 USD $50 USD
Guatemala $1,000 USD $50 USD
Guinea-Bissau $1,000 USD $50 USD
Guyana $1,000 USD $50 USD
Haiti $1,000 USD $50 USD
Honduras $1,000 USD $50 USD
Hong Kong HK$7,900 HKD HK$400 HKD
Iraq $1,000 USD $50 USD
Jamaica $1,000 USD $50 USD
Jordan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Kazakhstan 464,700 KZT 23,240 KZT
Kosovo €950 EUR €50 EUR
Kuwait $1,000 USD $50 USD
Kyrgyzstan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Laos $1,000 USD $50 USD
Lebanon $1,000 USD $50 USD
Liberia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Libya $1,000 USD $50 USD
Liechtenstein 1,000 CHF 50 CHF
Macau $1,000 USD $50 USD
Madagascar $1,000 USD $50 USD
Malawi $1,000 USD $50 USD
Maldives $1,000 USD $50 USD
Mali $1,000 USD $50 USD
Mauritania $1,000 USD $50 USD
Mauritius $1,000 USD $50 USD
Micronesia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Moldova $1,000 USD $50 USD
Mongolia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Montenegro €950 EUR €50 EUR
Montserrat $1,000 USD $50 USD
Morocco $1,000 USD $50 USD
Mozambique $1,000 USD $50 USD
Myanmar $1,000 USD $50 USD
Namibia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Nauru $1,000 USD $50 USD
Nepal $1,000 USD $50 USD
Nicaragua $1,000 USD $50 USD
Niger $1,000 USD $50 USD
North Macedonia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Oman $1,000 USD $50 USD
Pakistan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Palau $1,000 USD $50 USD
Panama $1,000 USD $50 USD
Papua New Guinea $1,000 USD $50 USD
Paraguay $1,000 USD $50 USD
Peru S/ 3,800 PEN S/ 190 PEN
Qatar Rial 3,700 QAR Rial 190 QAR
Rwanda $1,000 USD $50 USD
Samoa $1,000 USD $50 USD
San Marino $1,000 USD $50 USD
São Tomé and Príncipe $1,000 USD $50 USD
Senegal $1,000 USD $50 USD
Serbia €950 EUR €50 EUR
Seychelles $1,000 USD $50 USD
Sierra Leone $1,000 USD $50 USD
Solomon Islands $1,000 USD $50 USD
Sri Lanka $1,000 USD $50 USD
St. Kitts and Nevis $1,000 USD $50 USD
St. Lucia $1,000 USD $50 USD
St. Vincent and the Grenadines $1,000 USD $50 USD
Suriname $1,000 USD $50 USD
Taiwan $30,400 TWD $1,520 TWD
Tajikistan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Tanzania TSh 2,340,000 TZS TSh 117,000 TZS
Togo €950 EUR €50 EUR
Tonga $1,000 USD $50 USD
Trinidad and Tobago $1,000 USD $50 USD
Tunisia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Turkmenistan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Turks and Caicos Islands $1,000 USD $50 USD
Uganda $1,000 USD $50 USD
Uruguay $1,000 USD $50 USD
Uzbekistan $1,000 USD $50 USD
Vanuatu $1,000 USD $50 USD
Vatican City €950 EUR €50 EUR
Venezuela $1,000 USD $50 USD
Vietnam 23,500,000đ VND 1,175,000đ VND
Yemen $1,000 USD $50 USD
Zambia $1,000 USD $50 USD
Zimbabwe $1,000 USD $50 USD

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