Media Studio FAQs

How do I get access to Media Studio?

Currently, access to Media Studio is given on an invite-only basis.

If you have been invited into the beta, go to studio.twitter.com and log in using your Twitter username. If you are logging in for your first time, you will see a welcome message explaining how to use the tool.


How do I save any updates I make within Studio?

There is no save button within Studio -- all changes and updates are automatically saved.

What are content restrictions? What are geo-restrictions?

Enabling content restrictions on a video allows the viewing of the video to be limited to viewers in specified countries. Restrictions are set by either Including a list of countries allowed to view, or Excluding a list of countries not allowed to view the video. Keep in mind that there may be a delay when updating restrictions on a video that has already been Tweeted (approximately one to two minutes).

I get a "Video too long" error message when uploading media

Check to ensure your video is under 2:20 in duration (or 10 minutes, if you have been whitelisted for this feature by your Twitter account manager).

I get a "Upload failed" error message when uploading media

Check to ensure your video is under 1 GB in file size. Even if it is close to this limit, but not over, there may be issues completing the upload depending on your location relative to our data centers.

I get a “valid URL must be provided” error message when adding a call-to-action URL

Check for any invalid special characters in your URL, like vertical bars, spaces, or quotation marks.

What type of media is supported in Media Studio?

You can upload images, GIFs, and videos into your media library. Additionally, all media that has been uploaded or attached to Tweets created via the desktop or mobile Twitter apps will appear in your library.

For full specifications, learn more about how to use Media Studio.

Can I upload multiple files at at the same time?

Yes. When selecting media to upload from your computer, you can highlight multiple files to upload. Studio also has a drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to upload files just by dragging the icons from your desktop or file manager to your Media Studio library.

How do I delete a scheduled Tweet created via Media Studio?

Click on the Schedule button within the top navigation bar. In this view, all of your scheduled Tweets will appear. Click the delete icon next to any scheduled Tweets you would like to delete.

For Tweets that have already been posted to Twitter, you must delete these via Twitter on desktop or via the Twitter for iOS or Android app.

Can I change thumbnails of my uploaded videos?

Yes. Click on a video within your library to see the Select thumbnail button. You can either select a frame from the video itself, or upload an image file from your local computer.

If uploading a custom thumbnail file from your computer, please ensure its aspect ratio is the same as your video content. Using a custom thumbnail that is a different size can cause issues with playback on Twitter.

Can I create a Tweet with 280 characters?

Yes, Media Studio supports the creation of Tweets with up to 280 characters. This also applies to the Tweet scheduling feature in Media Studio.

Can I manage media libraries for multiple usernames?

Yes, once someone has given you access to their Media Studio account, you can switch between accounts via the dropdown on the top-right.

Can I create Tweets from multiple usernames?

Yes, Media Studio supports the creation of multiple Tweets to various usernames at once. First ensure that you have access to Tweet on behalf of other usernames.

In the Tweet compose window, look for the  icon next to your username listed at the top-left. Within the dropdown will be a list of all @usernames with which you can create Tweets. Select as many usernames as needed, and click the Tweet button .


Can I create a thread with multiple Tweets?

No, this feature is not supported in Media Studio today.

Can I delete media from my library?

Yes, you can delete media from your library at any time. If you have previously Tweeted this media, people will see a playback error message. It is recommended that you delete these Tweets to ensure people do not see this message.

Can I filter the view of media within my library?

Currently we only support filtering the library view by media type. 

We are investigating adding advanced library filtering in the future.

Can I upload multiple subtitles per video?

Currently we only support one subtitle file uploaded per video.

We are investigating adding the ability to upload multiple subtitles per video in the future.

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