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LiveCut is Media Studio's video editing tool that allows you to create video clip highlights from your broadcasts and share them to X in real-time. Designed to require no technical editing expertise, LiveCut's easy-to-use video production tools can help get your content in front of wider audiences faster. Clip from broadcasts live or ended, public or private, or created via Periscope, X Camera or API.

To use LiveCut, go to Producer in Media Studio and hover over or click on any broadcast in the list, and then click Edit in LiveCut to get started.


Creating clips using LiveCut

How to create clips from a broadcast using LiveCut
  1. Click on any broadcast in your broadcast list to open the Broadcast Details window.
  2. Click on the Edit in LiveCut button located underneath the preview player.
  3. Use the Set start point and Set end point buttons to begin creating your clip.
  4. Change the duration of the clip by using the left and right clipper bars.
  5. Use the function buttons to fine-tune the exact frame and length of your clip. You can also use keyboard shortcuts (see FAQs).
    • +1 frame
    • +1 second
    • -1 frame
    • -1 second
    • Play from start point
    • Play last two seconds
  6. Click the Save clip button when done.
  7. See your created clips in the Clips list, where you can continue to fine tune your clip editing, add metadata, and post.

Creating clips using LiveCut - FAQs

What is the video quality of the clips?

If your original broadcast resolution is lower than 1280x720, your clips will adopt your original resolution size. If your broadcast resolution is 1280x720 or higher, all clips will be limited to a resolution size of 1280x720.


Are captions included in LiveCut clips?

We allow pass-through of both EIA-608 and 708 captions from the broadcast. These will not be visible while editing in LiveCut, but will be included in any clips created from a broadcast with these embedded captions.

Once a clip is posted, it will be available in the Library tab of Media Studio. Within your Library you can also add a .srt subtitle file to the posted video. 


Will any of the broadcast settings be applied to clips created from that broadcast?

Clips created in LiveCut will automatically have the same category and geo-restrictions settings, if used.


Can multiple users create clips within LiveCut at the same time?

Yes, many users can work within LiveCut together to clip, edit, and post video clips. Users working together in the same broadcast should occasionally refresh their browser to ensure they see the most up-to-date list of created clips.


Why can’t I clip from a broadcast?

This could be for one of three reasons:

  1. Ensure that the broadcast has video content. You cannot clip from broadcasts that have not yet happened, or did not have video on the source when live.
  2. Ensure that ‘Make broadcast replay unavailable’ is unchecked in broadcast details. Either clip while the broadcast is live or at any time before the replay is made unavailable, or create a second ‘Private’ broadcast using a different source which can be used for clipping.
  3. Long broadcasts may cause issues within LiveCut; it is recommended that you not clip from broadcasts longer than 12 hours in length.

Are the clips made in the LiveCut frame accurate?

The LiveCut editor is not frame-accurate, and it is not unexpected to have your selected start or end points displaced by a few frames. 


Why are my broadcasts and clips appearing pixelated in LiveCut, but my posts are not? 

This is usually due to certain GOP settings on the sending encoder. We recommend using “Closed GOPs”. On some encoders this may be named “Forced IDR”.  


How can I make a GIF in LiveCut? 

It is not possible to make a GIF in LiveCut, though X automatically loops posted videos that are under 1 minute in length.


How do I delete a clip that I’ve created in LiveCut?

A clip that has not been posted can easily be deleted via the Clips list within LiveCut.

A clip that has been posted should be deleted in your Library in Media Studio. Deleting a posted clip from the Clips list in LiveCut will not delete the video that is live on X in your post.


Are there keyboard shortcuts I can use for clipping in LiveCut?

Yes, a list of keyboard shortcuts can be found within LiveCut by clicking the information link at the bottom left corner of the LiveCut window. These are the keyboard shortcuts:

Set START point (in) = I
Set END point (out) = O
Focus controls on START point (in) = S
Focus controls on END point (out) = E
PLAY from start of clip = P
PLAY last two seconds of clip = L
Go BACK one frame =
Go BACK one second = SHIFT
Go FORWARD one frame =
Go FORWARD one second = SHIFT
OPEN keyboard shortcuts menu = ?

Creating clips using LiveCut - Common errors and warnings


Error: ‘Upload failed’

This occasionally occurs when attempting to create a clip. Occasional clip failures are not unexpected for LiveCut. Reasons for this may be due to volume of clips being created within your account, reduced internet connectivity in your area, times of heavy traffic, or other transient issues. 

Sometimes attempting to re-create the media altogether, or modifying it slightly, allows the clip to be created successfully. To modify a failed clip:

  1. Click on it in the Clips list within LiveCut
  2. Click 'Edit media' and then edit the start or end time of your clip by a few frames
  3. Click 'Save' and then see if the clip gets created successfully

Posting from LiveCut

How to Post clips from a broadcast using LiveCut
  1. Click on any broadcast in your broadcast list to open the Broadcast Details window.
  2. Click on the Edit in LiveCut button located underneath the preview player.
  3. Click into one of your created clips within the Clips list.
  4. Click on the post button underneath the preview player.
  5. Within the post compose window, enter your post text (up to 280 characters).
  6. Click the post button to immediately post your new post.

Posting from LiveCut - FAQs

Why can I not post out my clip?

Clips must finish processing before they can be posted. There is a processing wheel in the upper right corner of the clip thumbnail that fills in as the clip is being processed and disappears once processing is complete.


How long should I expect a clip to process before I can post it?

Clips can take up to half as long as the clip duration to process, after which they will be available to post. For example, a clip that is a minute long may take up to 30 seconds to complete processing.


Can I edit a clip once I’ve created or posted it?

You are able to make edits to a video clip at any point after creating it in LiveCut. However once you have posted the clip, any new edits to the start or end point will result in a new copy of the clip added to your Clips list. The original posted clip will not be updated with your changes, and the new copy of the clip will not have saved any of the original clip’s metadata. 


Can I edit a clip’s metadata in LiveCut after I’ve posted it?

Modifications to geo-restrictions and subtitles settings will be applied to all posts in which the media is shared on X, even retroactively. However, title, description, category, call-to-action, and embedding settings cannot be changed for an existing post -- any changes made to these settings will be reflected in any new posts created with that media.

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