How to hide or delete a Periscope broadcast

You can hide a broadcast on iOS and Android, so only you can see it, by visiting your broadcast’s info panel and tapping Hide Broadcast. When your broadcast is hidden it will have a hidden broadcast icon in the upper left corner of the broadcast thumbnail on Android, and in the middle of the thumbnail on iOS.

You can always unhide your broadcast by revisiting the info panel and selecting Unhide Broadcast. When you unhide a public broadcast, it will be visible to everyone. For private broadcasts, unhidden broadcasts will only be visible to invited viewers.

If you earned stars in a broadcast, you will not lose the star balance you accrued when you hide it.

You can delete a broadcast by visiting the same info panel and selecting Delete Broadcast. If you earned stars in a broadcast, you will lose the star balance you accrued when you delete it. Please note that this cannot be undone. On Android, you can delete multiple broadcasts at once. To do this, select multiple broadcasts and tap Delete (#) Broadcasts.

You can delete your broadcast at any time using one of the below options:

  1. After your broadcast has ended, tap the Delete Broadcast button (located at the bottom of the broadcast info panel) on iOS. On Android, select the menu next to Share Broadcast and tap Delete Broadcast.
  2. To delete a replay video on iOS, open Broadcasts from your profile, swipe left on the video, and click Delete. On Android, open Broadcasts from your profile and select Remove Replay.

Pro Tip: Deleting a broadcast from your X feed will not delete your broadcast from your Periscope account. The broadcast will be accessible to viewers until it is deleted using the Periscope app.

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