About Twitter Blue

We’re exploring ways to help people take their Twitter experience to the next level— and Twitter Blue is just the beginning. This new monthly subscription gives people exclusive access to premium features that give them more customization over their Twitter experience.

We’re launching Twitter Blue in Canada and Australia. In these regions, Twitter Blue is available for in-app purchase on Twitter for iOS. You can expect to see the Android release, additional regions, and more premium features in the near future.

Twitter Blue highlights:


  • Undo Tweet
    Now you can review and revise your Tweet before it’s visible to your followers on Twitter! Learn more about Undo Tweet
  • Bookmark Folders
    Organize your Bookmarks into folders, and easily find the saved content you want to read later.  
  • Reader Mode
    Keep up with Twitter threads by turning them into easy-to-read, longform text. Learn more about this improved experience.

Twitter Blue FAQ

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a new monthly subscription offering people exclusive access to premium features and app customizations for a small fee.

Where is Twitter Blue available?

Right now, we’re offering Twitter Blue on Twitter for iOS in Canada and Australia. Additional regions and the Android release will be available in the near future. 

Does this mean the free version of Twitter is going away?

Free Twitter isn’t going away and never will. Twitter Blue simply offers an opt-in layer of customization to give you more creative possibilities for your Twitter experience. 

What kind of features are included in Twitter Blue?

Right now, Twitter Blue subscribers get access to Bookmark Folders, Reader Mode, and an Undo Tweet option. Expect even more premium features as we learn what subscribers want to include in their experience!

Note: If you purchase Twitter Blue on iOS, and log into the same account on Twitter for Android, you may be able to access some features, but we haven’t optimized those experiences yet. We recommend only using Twitter Blue on iOS during the limited release for Canada and Australia. 

What are Bookmark Folders?

Bookmark Folders allow you to group and organize your Bookmarks into folders, for faster discovery later. 


What is Reader Mode?

Reader Mode turns threads into easy-to-read text. We’ve designed this longform experience so you can read all the latest content seamlessly, and enjoy your threads with less noise. 


What is Undo Tweet and how does it work?

Undo Tweet gives you the option to retract a Tweet after you have sent it, but before it is visible to others on Twitter. Tapping the undo option sends you back to the Tweet composer where you can make changes before posting the Tweet, or deciding not to post at all.

When you activate this feature, a countdown appears so you know the time left until your 30-second Tweet Undo period expires, and your Tweet appears on Twitter. Shorten or lengthen the expiration window to 5, 10, 20 or 60 seconds under the Twitter Blue feature settings menu, or easily skip it altogether when you select Send now.

Is Undo Tweet an edit button?

Undo Tweet is not an edit button. Undo Tweet allows you to pull back and revise Tweets that haven’t been posted on Twitter for the world to see yet. Once the Undo period is over, the Tweet is viewable to the public and you can either leave it or delete it, just as you normally would on Twitter. Tweets that are already viewable to the public can’t be edited.  

Can I undo any Tweet?

You’ll have the option to activate Undo Tweet for Original Tweets, Quote Tweets, threads, and replies before they are viewable to everyone. Leave your Undo Tweet settings on for all or some of the different types of Tweets. 

Does Undo Tweet work on Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android, and desktop?

Right now, access to the Undo Tweet feature is available on Twitter for iOS. Undo Tweet isn’t available on Twitter for Android or twitter.com yet.

Note: If you purchase Twitter Blue in iOS, and log into the same account on Twitter for Android, you may be able to access Undo Tweet, but we haven’t optimized this experience yet. 

Why can’t I see the option to Undo a Tweet?

Twitter Blue defaults to a 30-second Tweet Undo period, that’s managed and customized from your Twitter Blue feature settings menu. If you choose to turn it off, you won’t see the Undo Tweet prompt. Read more about how to adjust the settings of your Undo Tweet feature

Where do I sign up for Twitter Blue?

You can sign up for Twitter Blue from the Profile menu  in your Twitter for iOS app. 

How much does Twitter Blue cost?

Twitter Blue subscriptions are priced regionally and paid on a monthly basis. You can find pricing information in your Twitter app. From the Profile menu  

  1. Tap Twitter Blue
  2. The subscribe button displays the price per month

    How do I pause or cancel my Twitter Blue subscription?

    If you ever need to cancel or pause Twitter Blue, you can manage your subscription from the Twitter Blue settings within your Twitter app. Your Twitter Blue features will expire at the end of your billing cycle.

    From the Twitter app Profile menu  

    1. Tap Twitter Blue
    2. Tap Manage subscription
    3. Tap Manage subscription via Apple ID

    From the Account section of the App Store.  

    1. Log in from the Apple ID you subscribed from. 
    2. Under your Account, tap subscriptions.
    3. Select the Twitter Blue app from your subscription list and tap Cancel Twitter Blue.  
    4. For more help canceling your subscription, contact Apple Support directly. 

      Are refunds available on Twitter Blue subscriptions?

      All Twitter Blue subscriptions are non-refundable. That includes subscriptions linked to Twitter accounts that have been suspended, or that you have lost access to for any other reason. 

      Note: Apple handles all iOS refund and cancellation issues directly. Please contact Apple Support if you need to connect with an Apple rep by chat, email, or phone. Under subscriptions and purchases, click the No Thanks. Continue button if prompted

      How do I manage Twitter Blue on a suspended account?

      To stop paying for Twitter Blue, you’ll need to cancel your subscription from the Account section of the App Store. For more information, read our Twitter Purchaser Terms of Service

      Is dedicated support a premium feature of Twitter Blue?

      Twitter Blue subscribers receive dedicated support for subscription-specific issues. That could look like help with managing a subscription, how to access your account or settings, and enrollment issues. Other issues could include troubleshooting special features only available to subscribers. It doesn’t look like paying for preferred customer support. 

      Will Twitter Blue subscribers receive preference when receiving account support?

      Our goals include providing the best customer support in our industry. We’re committed to treating everyone fairly and equitably. The Twitter rules won’t apply differently to subscribers, and they won’t get faster service on issues like content moderation.

      Will Twitter Blue subscribers receive different support for enforcement issues like account blocks?

      We are committed to making Twitter a safe place for everyone to participate in the public conversation. That’s why policy enforcement issues and reports by subscribers will continue to be handled by existing enforcement teams, under the current review process. 

      Is Twitter Blue ads-free?

      Currently Twitter Blue is not ads-free. Ads will continue to fund our ability to innovate as we grow this new part of our business. 

      Why isn't Twitter Blue ads-free?

      Twitter Blue is a completely opt-in experience, and these initial features were designed  for a specific segment of engaged users. Ultimately our goal is to provide enough value through premium features that people feel that it is worth paying for. 

      For now, there’s a cost of operation for creating even more layers to the Twitter experience. We want to keep it reasonably priced and make sure you see value in the features that are being delivered. There may be a bit of a learning process here, and we will be monitoring for feedback.

      Can I get a free trial of Twitter Blue?

      We aren't offering free trials of Twitter Blue at this time.

      Need more help with your Twitter Blue subscription?

      If you already have a Twitter Blue subscription, and don't see the answer you're looking for here, visit our Twitter Blue help  and how to articles for more information. 

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