About Safety Mode and autoblock by X

X is currently experimenting with a feature called Safety Mode that detects and blocks potentially harmful language or repetitive, unwelcome interactions. 

Some things to know about autoblock

  • Autoblocks come from X, not individuals.
  • Autoblocks last for 7 days, but can be undone by the account owner at any time. 
  • There’s no limit to how long someone stays in Safety Mode. 
  • Just like when someone blocks you, if you’re autoblocked, it won't be possible to interact with them, see their posts, follow them, or send them Direct Messages.
  • Existing replies from autoblocked accounts move to the bottom of the conversation. 

Autoblock FAQs

What is an autoblock?

Autoblock is X’s way of helping people control unwelcome interactions. When someone is in Safety Mode, X automatically blocks another account that’s engaging in potentially abusive or spammy behavior. If you get autoblocked, you’ll remain autoblocked for 7 days.

If X autoblocks an account, can someone still manually block that account?

Yes, someone can block an account with X's standard block settings which are managed from the profile of the account that they wish to block. 

What does X consider “abusive or spammy”?

We see accounts that engage in bulk or aggressive activity as potentially abusive because it disrupts your experience. Potentially spammy behavior impacts otherwise healthy conversations and looks like posting repetitive content, sending unsolicited mentions/replies, using unrelated hashtags to get attention, and/or following indiscriminately.

I think I was blocked by mistake, what should I do?

Autoblocks are temporary and will automatically expire after seven days. The account using Safety Mode can also undo any autoblock mistakes at any time. We know we don’t get autoblocks right all the time, so we’re working to improve our detection. 

Suggestions for how to keep your conversations healthy, and avoid getting autoblocked by X:

Remember the human

There’s a person on the other end of your post with feelings. 

Avoid repetitive, uninvited replies

They can overwhelm people, even if the content is innocent.

Skip the insults, name-calling, and harmful remarks

Even if they seem playful to you, others might find them hurtful. 

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