Help with Lists

If you are having difficulty creating or managing your lists, read on to find out possible causes of your issue and how to fix them.

List limits

Some limits on Twitter lists to be aware of are:

  • 1000 lists permitted per account
  • 5000 accounts permitted per list
  • List names cannot exceed 25 characters
  • List names cannot begin with a numerical character

Replies on lists

  • Replies work the same way for lists as they do for accounts. For example, if @TwitterSupport and @twitter are on a list and they mention each other, those replies will appear in the list. However, if only @TwitterSupport is on a list and @TwitterSupport replies to @twitter, the reply will not appear on the list.
  • There is no feature that enables list owners to send a message to every account on a list.

Accounts with protected Tweets on lists

  • Accounts that have opted to protect their Tweets can be added to lists. However, you will only see an account’s protected Tweets if you have been approved to follow that account.
  • Other people who view your list will likewise only see an account’s protected Tweets if they have been approved to follow that account.

Private lists

Private lists are different from protected Tweets. Only you can view your private lists and private lists owned by other accounts will not be visible to you.

Creating lists

  • If you are unable to view a list you've recently created, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser's cache.
  • Doing this should pull in any new lists you've created so that you can view them on your profile.

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