How to use Twitter for Android

To sign up for a new account
  1. Download the Twitter for Android app, if you haven't already installed it.
  2. Once the app is installed, you can log in with an existing account or sign up for a new account directly from the app. Learn about managing multiple Twitter accounts through your app.
  3. You will be guided through our sign up experience and prompted to enter information such as your name and email address.
  4. If you provided an email address while signing up, we will immediately send you an email with instructions so we can verify your email address.
  5. If you provided a phone number while signing up, we will immediately send you an text message with a code so we can verify your number. 
  6. Learn how to customize settings for your new account.

Note: We no longer support Android versions 2.3 through 4.1 in the Google Play Store. If you remain on these versions, please note they will not be updated. To experience the most up to date Twitter for Android experience, download the latest version in the store or visit in your browser.

Editing your profile

  1. In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon  or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have.
  2. Tap Profile, then tap Edit profile.
  3. From here you can change your profile and header image (also referred to as “banner”), display name, location, website, birth date and bio. 
  4. Make the changes you’d like, then tap Save.

Updating your account settings

  1. In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon  or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have.
  2. Tap Settings and privacy.
  3. Scroll through the menu and select the account setting you’d like to view/edit, such as changing your username.

How to reduce your data usage

You can reduce the amount of data used by Twitter by enabling data saver mode. Control what media you want downloaded in real time to help save data. 

  1. From your profile menu, tap Settings and privacy.
  2. Under General, tap Data usage.
  3. Tap the toggle next to Data saver to turn on.

In this mode, images will load in lower quality and videos won't autoplay. You also have the option for high quality images, video, and video autoplay.

How to post and delete a Tweet

To post a Tweet:

  1. Tap on the Tweet icon 
  2. Enter your message, and then tap Tweet.
  3. A notification will appear in the status bar on your device and will go away once the Tweet successfully sends.

To save a Tweet as a draft:

  1. If you would like to save your Tweet as a draft, tap the X in the Tweet compose window.
  2. You will see the option to save as a draft. To access your saved drafts, go to your profile and tap the overflow icon  then select Drafts
  3. You can also access your drafts by tapping into the composer box, then tapping Drafts within the box.
  4. You’ll only see the Drafts prompt when you have at least one draft saved. Should you log out of your account through your app or uninstall your app, any drafts you have saved will be deleted and cannot be restored.

To post a photo or GIF with your Tweet:

To post a video with your Tweet:

To post a Twitter Poll with your Tweet:

How to post a reply:

  1. Find the Tweet you want to reply to.
  2. Click the reply icon 
  3. A compose box will pop up, type in your message and tap Reply to post it.

How to post a mention:

  1. Type your message in the Tweet box. 
  2. Type the @ symbol before the username(s) when addressing a particular account. 
  3. Click or tap Tweet to post.
  4. Read more about replies and mentions.

To Tweet with your location:

  1. Tap the location icon  to add your location to your Tweet.
  2. Learn more about using the location feature on your mobile device.

To include a URL in a Tweet:

  1. Links are automatically shortened using Twitter's own service.
  2. Typing or pasting in a URL will automatically deduct the characters from your character limit—no matter how long the original link is.

To delete a Tweet:

  1. From your profile menu, tap Profile.
  2. Locate the Tweet you want to delete.
  3. Tap the  icon located at the top of the Tweet.
  4. Tap Delete.
  5. Tap Yes to confirm.

How to enable dark mode

  1. In the top menu, tap your profile icon.
  2. Tap Settings and privacy.
  3. Tap the Display and sound tab.
  4. Tap Dark mode to turn the feature on. You can also enable the Automatic at sunset option.
  5. Choose Dim or Lights out by tapping your preference under Dark theme.
  6. To turn the feature off, tap the Dark mode option again.

How to enable dark mode from the menu

  1. Tap your profile icon.
  2. Tap the light bulb icon to turn on dark mode.
  3. Go to settings to switch between Dim or Lights out.

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