How to set image description reminder

If you find yourself forgetting to add image descriptions to your GIFs and images, you’re not alone. To help you remember, you can set a reminder that will tell you when image descriptions are missing. Then you can go back and add the descriptions before Tweeting. 

Once you turn on this setting, it will be enabled for your account across all platforms. Setting the reminder is the same on Android, iOS, and web. Here’s how:

How to set image description reminder
Step 1

Select More from the navigation menu.

Step 2

Select Settings and privacy.

Step 3

Select Accessibility, display, and languages.

Step 4

Select Accessibility.

Step 5

In the Media section, select the checkbox for Receive image description reminder.

Screenshot of the Accessibility section in Twitter Settings and privacy on iOS. The three categories on-screen are Motion, Web browser, and Media. Under Media, the checkbox next to the image description reminder is checked. The description says: Enable image description reminder. Receive a reminder to add image descriptions if they’re missing from a Tweet.

Now, the next time you try to post a Tweet with one or more images that are missing a description, you’ll get the reminder below. 

Screenshot of Add image description reminder. The reminder says: Don’t forget to make your image accessible. Good image descriptions are concise yet detailed. Be sure to summarize or write out any text in the image itself. Your description makes Twitter accessible to people with disabilities, and everyone who wants more context. You can turn off this reminder in Accessibility Settings. The two buttons say Add descriptions and Not this time.

When you select Add a description, the image description field will open and you’ll be able to write your description. If you select Not this time, your Tweet will post without an image description.

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