How to follow and unfollow Topics

Following a Topic allows you to stay informed on what’s happening and see more relevant content, including Tweets, events, and ads, about that topic. In your profile menu, on your Home timeline and in search results, you’ll see prompts to follow Topics. Tap the Follow button in the prompt and we'll personalize your Twitter experience based on your interest in this Topic. We may also match you with other Topics that we think you are interested in based on your profile and activity, such as the Tweets you view or like.

Some important things to know about Topics

  • Topics you follow are public. Anyone who can see your full profile can view the Topics you follow. If your Tweets are protected, only your followers will be able to see your Topics. To protect your Tweets, go to your Privacy and safety settings and select Protect your Tweets.

  • You’re in control. Just like with accounts you follow, you can unfollow Topics at any time. We may still occasionally recommend Tweets about a particular Topic, for example, if you continue to like, Tweet, or Retweet about it. When you unfollow a Topic, we will no longer suggest content based on the fact that you followed that Topic.

  • When you’re not interested. Tell us you’re not interested in a Topic by visiting Interests from Twitter in Your Twitter data, and we won’t use that topic to personalize your experience on Twitter, and we will not recommend it as one you can follow in the future, unless you specifically search for it. Please note that these changes can take some time to take effect across our systems, and you may still see content about a Topic due to other reasons such as following someone who is talking about it.

How to follow a Topic

From your Home timeline:

  1. While scrolling through your Home timeline, we may suggest a Topic for you to follow.
  2. Tap the Follow button next to the suggested Topic to follow.

From your Topics menu: 

  1. Tap Topics in your profile icon menu.
  2. Tap Follow some Topics to browse by category type, such as Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, etc. From within each category and sub-category type, tap the Follow button next to the Topics you’d like to follow. 
  3. When finished, tap Done.

How to unfollow a Topic

From your Home timeline:

  1. In your Home timeline, navigate to a Tweet about a Topic you’re currently following.
  2.  Tap the  icon from the top of the Tweet and select Unfollow.

From your Topics: 

  1. Tap Topics in your profile icon menu.
  2. Tap Unfollow next to the topic.

Note: Up to 100 of your followed Topics are visible at a time in your Topics menu. To see all your followed Topics, and those we think you are interested in based on your activity and profile, visit Your Twitter data.

How to tell us you’re not interested

On the Twitter for iOS and Android app:

  1. Go to Settings and privacy in your profile icon menu, and then tap Account.
  2. Below the Data and permissions section, tap Your Twitter data.
  3. Enter your password and tap Confirm.
  4. From the Your Twitter data screen, tap Interests and ads data
  5. Tap Interests from Twitter.
  6. Deselect any Interests you’re not interested in. 


  1. Go to Interests from Twitter in Your Twitter data.
  2. Deselect any Interests you’re not interested in.

How to see the Topics someone follows

You have the option to see the Topics that someone else is following. You’re able to view their Topics if their Tweets are public, or if their Tweets are protected and you've been approved as a follower.

On the Twitter for iOS and Android app, and

  1. Go to their profile.
  2. Click or tap the more menu  at the top of their profile page.
  3. Select View Topics.

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