How to connect with your followers

Share what you’re seeing and thinking with a Fleet


Jump to the top of a timeline with quick thoughts

Customize your settings and improve our recommendations to build a Twitter unique to you.


How Fleets work

Want to share something quickly without committing to a Tweet? Try posting a Fleet on Twitter.

What goes in a Fleet?

Fleets can contain text, photos, or even other Tweets. They’re live on Twitter for 24 hours.

Who sees Fleets?

Fleets show up at the top of your followers’ Home timelines.

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to Fleet.

Try it now

Share a quick thought.

Go to Twitter and post a Fleet now.


Share in the moment, as it happens.

Post Fleets to move to the top of your followers’ timelines:

  • Share quick thoughts and feelings right away
  • Stay active on Twitter without committing to permanent Tweets

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