How to create live videos on Twitter

Twitter is the place to see what’s happening in the world—from breaking news to major live events. You can easily create live videos, powered by Periscope, to share what’s happening live.

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Create a live video

How to start a live video:

  1. Tap the compose icon 
  2. Tap the live video icon 

Note: Tap the microphone icon above the live video icon to broadcast in audio-only mode. Additionally, you can turn the feature on and off during middle of a broadcast.

How to end a live video:

You can end a live video at any time by swiping down and tapping End video.

Create a live video

How to start a live video:

  1. Tap the compose icon 
  2. Tap the live video icon 

How to end a live video:

You can end a live video at any time by swiping down and tapping End video.

How can I find live videos on Twitter?

You can discover and watch live videos from your Home timeline, notifications, search, and trends. You can watch live videos and replays from anyone on Twitter.

Can I share a live broadcast or replay?

Yes! From the live video or replay full screen mode, click or tap the share icon  then choose between the following options:

  • Click or tap Share Live (when live) or Share From Beginning (when in replay mode) to Tweet, Direct Message, or copy the link of a full live video or replay from the beginning.
  • Click or tap Share from… to Tweet, Direct Message, or copy the link of a live video or replay starting at a point chosen using the selection bar.


When I go live on Twitter, where does it go?

Your live video can go anywhere that a Tweet can go. This means that it’ll be searchable in the Twitter app, on the Twitter website, and it can be embedded on other websites just like any other Tweet. It will also exist and be searchable on Periscope, which powers live videos on Twitter. If you add a location to your live video Tweet, your video will be discoverable on the Global Map on Periscope.

Does this mean that I have a Periscope account now?

We use your Twitter account to log in to Periscope. To take full advantage of Periscope’s features, download the Periscope app to discover popular and featured live videos and to find new accounts to follow. You can also update any of your account settings on Periscope.

Can I save my live video?

Your live videos will automatically be posted as a Tweet each time you go live. Additionally, you can save your live video right to your device’s camera roll at the end of your live video by tapping Save to camera roll. If you would like to upload and share your video at a later time, read how to share and watch videos on Twitter.

Can I receive notifications when accounts I follow start a live video?

Yes! Learn how to opt-in to receive push notifications from accounts when they go live through our Sharing and watching videos on Twitter article.

Can I comment in a live video on Twitter?

Yes, you can comment and send hearts in any live video you’re watching. You can also interact with other members of the audience by tapping on a comment to view the account profile, respond to a comment, or block the account. Please note that if you block an account from Twitter, the account will be blocked in Periscope as well.

Can you remove someone from watching and commenting in a live video?

When you block someone on Twitter they will not be able to watch or comment in your live video. If you want to stop someone from commenting in your live video, you can block them by tapping on their comment, selecting their profile, tapping the gear icon, and then choosing Block User. The account will no longer be able to participate in your live videos and they will be blocked on Twitter and Periscope. Read Periscope's comment moderation article to learn more.

As a viewer, you can report comments that you find abusive or offensive by selecting the comment and choosing Report Comment. When you report a comment you will no longer see messages from that commenter for the remainder of the live video. This will not, however, block the account on Twitter or Periscope.

Can I open a live video in Periscope from Twitter?

Yes! From a live full-screen video in Twitter: Swipe right on iOS, or swipe up on Android to open a menu of options. From the menu, tap Open in Periscope.

Can I delete my live video?

Yes, you can delete any of your posted videos at any time. 

Note: Deleting a Tweet with your live video will delete the video from Periscope as well, while deleting your video from Periscope will not automatically delete the Tweet from Twitter.

Can I opt-out of going live?

You can opt-out of going live on Twitter. To opt-out: Navigate to your Settings and privacy, tap Privacy and safety, then unselect Connect to Periscope to turn the feature off.

When you opt-out, you will no longer be able to go live on Twitter, or comment and heart on others’ live videos, but your previous live videos will still be available on Twitter and Periscope. You can always choose to delete previous live videos from Twitter and Periscope by deleting a Tweet with your live video.

Can I go live if my Tweets are protected?

You cannot go live from Twitter if you have protected Tweets. However, you can download Periscope and host a private live video through Periscope.

When you make your Tweets protected, after being public, your live videos will only be discoverable to your followers on Twitter, but will remain available on Periscope. You can delete previous live videos from Twitter and Periscope by deleting a Tweet with your live video.

Can viewers comment on my live video?

Viewers can comment directly in live videos through Twitter and Periscope. To learn more, visit the Periscope Help Center.

How do I find more live videos to watch?

Download Periscope to explore live videos from around the world.

What type of content is allowed in live video?

What are live 360 videos?

When you see a video marked with a LIVE 360 badge, you can change your point of view while watching live by moving your phone, or swiping and tapping the screen.

Live 360 videos are viewable on Twitter and Periscope. At this time, only select partners can create live 360 videos through Periscope.

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