About profile visibility settings

Below you'll find information about your profile visibility settings, and how Twitter uses your birth date when added to your profile.

Visibility options

Most of the profile information you provide us is always public, like your biography, location, website, and picture. For certain profile information fields we provide you with visibility settings to select who on Twitter can see this information in your Twitter profile. If you provide us with profile information and you don’t see a visibility setting, that information is public.

Below are the visibility settings that are available for your birth date. Your settings allow you to separately control who on Twitter can see your birth year and who can see your birth day and month in your Twitter profile. Please note that the date of birth entered must be of the person operating the account.

  • Public: This information will be part of your public profile, meaning it may be viewed by anyone all around the world instantly.
  • Your followers: Only people who follow you can view this information on your profile
  • People you follow: Only people whom you follow can view this information on your profile
  • You follow each other: Only people who follow you and whom you follow can view this information on your profile
  • Only you: Only you can view this information on your profile
    • If you’re under 18, your visibility setting for birth year will be set to Only you. After you turn 18, you can edit your visibility setting to select another visibility option.

How does Twitter use my birth date?

If you choose to add your birth date to your profile, it will be displayed to the audience that you’ve chosen. Your birth date lets Twitter know that you’re old enough to use our services. It will also be used to customize your Twitter experience. For example, we will use your birth date to show you more relevant content, including ads. Learn more about how Twitter Ads work.

Learn more about how to add or remove your birth date from your Twitter profile.

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