Creator Subscriptions Email Sharing

Creator Subscriptions features the ability for subscribers to share their email for off-platform communications with creators upon subscription, if they wish.

This feature is related to our Creator Subscriptions product and its associated terms. Terms for Creator Email Sharing are here.

For subscribers

If you subscribe to a creator on X, you can now opt into providing your email address to better help them contact you about their content. To share your email with a creator:

  1. Click “subscribe” to your chosen creator

  2. Check the box to opt into sharing your email address

  3. Add the email address you’d like to be share with the creator

  4. Complete payment

You can choose to either use your email address associated with your X account or another email address.

For creators

Creators can collect the email addresses of their subscribers, if subscribers opt in.

To opt into email sharing, agree to our terms in the prompt shown on your timeline.


How does X use the emails that creators receive?

X only collects to share with creators. X does not associate these email addresses with users' X accounts. 


Where is this feature available?

The feature is currently limited to web and available only to people in the United States, with plans to expand.


Can X share or delete my email address after I share it?

X has no further control over an email address once it shares it with a creator. X deletes the email address you share from its systems.


Are creators responsible for email addresses? 

Creators are entirely responsible for complying with any laws, including, for example, by maintaining a privacy policy and following any marketing laws. See the terms for responsibilities. 


Who should I contact about my email address?

Creators/subscribers must communicate with each other about any issues.


Do I need to share my email with all creators I subscribe to or can I choose which ones to share with?

Subscribers can choose to share with individual creators.


What if a creator misuses my email address?

Creators and subscribers must communicate with each other about any issues. While X maintains the ability to terminate participation in the program, suspend creators and subscribers for violating terms or misusing the program, X is not responsible for misuse. 


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