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A Twitter Blue subscription gives active subscribers access to premium features like account verification. After purchase, you as a subscriber can enjoy Twitter Blue on any platform where you’re logged in to that specific account. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you won’t have access to your Twitter Blue features when logged in to your other accounts. 

Signing up for a Twitter Blue subscription


How do I sign up for Twitter Blue?

We’ve launched Twitter Blue in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. In these regions, Twitter Blue is available for in-app purchase on Twitter for iOS. 

To sign up for Twitter Blue, first log in to the Twitter account you want to purchase a subscription for and follow the payment prompts that appear when you select Twitter Blue from the profile menu. If you ever need payment help, please contact Apple Support for purchases made on Twitter for iOS. 

Note: Once active, your Twitter Blue subscription is available anywhere you use the Twitter account associated with your purchase, but not all features may be available on all platforms at all times. Newly created Twitter accounts will not be able to sign up for Twitter Blue for 90 days. Twitter may impose waiting periods for new accounts without notice.


I added Twitter Blue to the wrong Twitter account, can I switch it?

If you’d like to transfer Twitter Blue to another Twitter account, first log in to your account from the device you purchased your Twitter Blue subscription. Once you’re logged in, cancel your existing subscription on that account. Then repurchase your subscription from the Twitter account you’d like to access your Twitter Blue features. 

If you repurchase Twitter Blue before the subscription period expires on the initial account, you shouldn’t incur any additional charges. Renewal charges will still occur monthly, based on the date of the initial purchase.

Multiple accounts


Can I have more than one Twitter Blue subscription?

Right now, you can only have one active Twitter Blue subscription at a time.

Note: Family plans on device apps cannot share a subscription. 



I manage several accounts for a group or organization. Is Twitter Blue available for enterprise?

Right now we’re not offering enterprise subscriptions. 


Help with your Twitter Blue features


I paid for Twitter Blue, but I cannot access my subscription features. What should I do?

It might take a few minutes for your features to become available. If you continue to have issues, navigate to Contact Support from your subscription settings. 



What happens to my features if I travel to a region where Twitter Blue is not available for purchase?

Subscriptions are only available for purchase in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, and the UK. After purchase, Twitter Blue features are accessible anywhere an active subscriber travels to. 


When are new features released in Labs?

We release new features in Labs as they’re ready. Follow @TwitterBlue to keep up with the latest updates. 


Help with a bug or error message


Purchases from this device have been disabled

You may see this error if your Apple ID or Google Account is set to restricted purchasing, like parental controls. If your account isn’t set for purchase restrictions, and you receive this error, please contact Apple Support or Google support directly. 



Purchase can’t be completed

If you are located in a region where Twitter Blue is available and still see this message, check your network connection and try again later.



Can’t connect to your device’s app store

If you have trouble connecting to your device’s app store, you may be experiencing network or server issues and need to try making your purchase again later.



I’d like to report a bug

We’re sorry you’re having trouble with Twitter Blue. Please report your issue from the Get Support form accessible from your Twitter Blue settings.


Managing or canceling your Twitter Blue subscription


I subscribed at $2.99 before the price increase. Is my subscription cost increasing?

As an early adopter of Twitter Blue, you’ll continue to be charged your introductory pricing of $2.99/month until you receive additional notice from Twitter and/or the payment providers at least 30 days before the new price goes into effect. You will have an opportunity to cancel before the new price goes into effect. 

Twitter Blue has increased the cost of its membership for new subscribers. Anyone who subscribes today will be charged $4.99/month, which will be localized to the regional currency. 

Example cost increase below:


Cost before the price increase

Cost after the price increase




New Zealand

United States

Cost before the price increase

4.49 AUD

3.49 CAN

4.49 NZD

2.99 USD

Cost after the price increase

6.99 AUD

6.49 CAD

6.99 NZD

4.99 USD


When did the price increase occur?

Depending on your time zone, the price increase for new subscribers occurred on July 27th or July 28th, 2022.


How will you bill me for Twitter Blue?

Your Twitter Blue monthly subscription is billed through the payment provider you signed up through at the time of purchase. Billing happens around the same date each month.


My payment declined. What should I do?

If you think there’s a mistake, please contact your card issuer.

You can change the payment method from your device settings or device support if you purchased your subscription on Twitter for iOS or Android

When you subscribe through our payment partner Stripe on, you can update your payment from the Billing Summary available from your Twitter Blue home page. 

If you still need help, select Contact support from your subscription settings


How do I change the payment method or billing information for my subscription?

You’ll manage billing and payment information directly with the purchaser you used to sign up for Twitter Blue. 

To change your payment method for your subscription, go directly to your devices’ app store, your device settings or contact Apple Support for help with Twitter for iOS, and Google Support if you subscribed through your Android device. 

If you subscribed on, update your payment and billing information from the Billing Summary available from the Twitter Blue menu. 


How do I cancel my Twitter Blue subscription?

Uninstalling your app or deactivating your account doesn't automatically cancel your subscription. All cancellations must be carried out through the platform you used to buy the subscription. 

If you purchased your subscription from:

Twitter for iOS: cancel from your Apple device’s Account Settings or in the “Subscriptions” section of the App Store.

Google: cancel your subscription by visiting the Subscriptions section of the Google Play Store. cancel your subscription by navigating from your profile menu to the Subscription section under Twitter Blue. Please note that subscriptions purchased on will automatically cancel if you deactivate your account.

For people living in the UK or parts of the EU where Twitter Blue is available for purchase: If you wish to exercise a right of withdrawal, you can find Apple's and Google's respective cancellation instructions, related refund policies, and model cancellation form for the App Store here and for Google Play here. For purchases made on through our payment partner Stripe we recommend submitting your request from the Get support form found in your Twitter Blue settings. You can also download and submit this form by mail to: 

Twitter International Company,
One Cumberland Place,
Fenian Street Dublin 2, D02
AX07 Ireland
Attn: Twitter Blue Customer Support

Note: Cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the auto-renewal period, to avoid further charges. Canceling won’t give you a refund for fees already paid, but your features won’t expire until the end of the period you’ve already paid for.


I don’t want Twitter Blue on my account anymore, can I get a refund?

All Twitter Blue subscriptions are non-refundable, except where required by law, including subscriptions on blocked accounts.

For more information about refunds, please read the Twitter Purchaser Terms of Service.


I’m part of an Apple or Google Play family group, will Twitter Blue be available to everyone in the group?

You can only have one active Twitter Blue subscription associated with a purchased subscription. It is not available for family sharing. 

Note: If someone buys a Twitter Blue subscription by accident, you must cancel from the account that purchased the subscription. All purchases are non-refundable, except where required by law.  


How do I reactivate my Twitter Blue subscription?

If you had to pause your subscription and wish to resubscribe, you’ll sign up the same way you did before. Your previous settings should appear as they did before you canceled.


Suspended accounts

My account was suspended, what happens to my Twitter Blue subscription?

A Twitter suspension will not automatically cancel your Twitter Blue subscription, so you’ll need to cancel your subscription through the platform you subscribed from to avoid any further charges. For example if you purchased your subscription on Twitter for iOS, you must carry out your cancelation on Twitter for iOS. 

If you signed up on with our payment partner Stripe, and your Twitter account gets suspended, your subscription is automatically canceled. 

Note: Twitter Blue is non-refundable, unless required by law, even if a Twitter account with a Twitter Blue subscription is suspended for any reason. 


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