About Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles cookies and similar technologies

The Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles feature uses cookies or similar technology to identify you as a Twitter Blue Subscriber and gather information about your experience, like the amount of time you spend on the Twitter Blue Publisher sites you read, in order to provide the service. This information allows us to offer subscribers a fast-loading, ad-free reading experience. It also allows us to determine payments for Twitter Blue Publishers. 

Cookies and similar technology allow Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles to:

  • Determine how much time and how much of an article you’ve completed while visiting a Twitter Blue Publisher’s ad-free site, which is information we use to calculate payments to publishers;  
  • Collect information about your visits to a Twitter Blue publisher site, which information is used to deliver the service; and
  • Monitor the quality and performance of the Twitter Blue bar.

To learn more, read about Twitter’s use of cookies and similar technology and review the Twitter Privacy Policy.  

How do cookies help Twitter Blue offer Ad-free Articles?

As a Twitter Blue subscriber, when you visit an ad-free site within the Twitter Blue Publisher Network, that site will identify you as a Twitter Blue subscriber by reading a cookie that Twitter sets on your device. Once the Twitter Blue Publisher reads this cookie, that tells them to deliver the ad-free experience to that user. We also use technology similar to cookies, local storage, to gather information about your interactions with specific Twitter Blue Publisher sites, which helps us calculate and explain payments we make to the Twitter Blue Publisher sites that you visit. 

Does Twitter Blue share my information with publishers in the Twitter Blue Publisher network?

Twitter only shares aggregated and/or de-identified usage data with publishers so they understand their monthly payments. 

Do Twitter Blue Publishers track my information?

The Twitter Blue Publishers are independent and separate from Twitter. We don't control partner publishers' sites, or the information they may collect about you when you visit their sites. Note that because of the technology that allows us to deliver the Ad-free Articles experience, the Twitter Blue Publisher sites will know that you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber if you visit their sites from Twitter while logged in, or thereafter while remaining logged-in. You should carefully review any partner publisher’s own terms of service, privacy policies, or similar documents to understand how they use cookies and other technologies, and what information they collect on the ad-free site you visit.

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