About Ad-free Articles

Twitter Blue subscribers get a fast-loading, ad-free reading experience on iOS, Android, and web with Ad-free Articles. Access this feature when you’re logged in to Twitter and visit an ad-free site within the Twitter Blue Publishers Network from a Tweet. 

Note: Currently, the Ad-free Articles feature only includes US-based publishers, and does not offer paywall access to Twitter Blue sites that require a separate subscription.


About the Ad-free Articles feature


How does Ad-free Articles work?

The Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles feature works using cookies and similar technologies to help publishers in the Twitter Blue network identify Twitter Blue subscribers on their sites and collect information that supports the Ad-free Articles feature, such as information used to calculate publisher payments. When active subscribers log in to Twitter and visit a site within the Twitter Blue Publishers Network, cookies tell those publishers that their subscription is active and eligible for the ad-free reading experience. Because we pay based on the time subscribers spend on Twitter Blue Publisher sites, not based on click-throughs, we gather data about the time spent reading Ad-free Articles. By visiting Twitter Blue Publisher sites, subscribers help support the publishers they read, and not the ones they don’t. 

Read more about how we use cookies and similar technologies to make this feature work.



Is Ad-free Articles available on iOS, Android and web?

This feature is available to Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS, Android, and web. 



What do I need to do to get an Ad-free Articles reading experience?

The first step is to make sure you have an active Twitter Blue subscription, and are logged in to your Twitter account. Once you’re logged in, you may see certain Tweets with the Ad-free with Twitter Blue label in your home timeline. When you click a link in those Tweets, you’ll be directed to the ad-free reading experience on the Twitter Blue Publisher’s site. As long as you stay logged in to Twitter, and use the same browser each time, you should get ad-free reading when you subsequently visit that same Twitter Blue site.

Note: In certain situations, including when you log out of Twitter, the Ad-free Articles feature isn’t available.



Does Ad-free Articles keep me from seeing ads on my Twitter timeline?

No. Even if you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber, you’ll still see ads on Twitter. Our Ad-free Articles feature delivers an ad-free reading experience on participating Twitter Blue Publishers Network sites when you’re logged in to your Twitter account, and visit those sites from a link on Twitter.



Does a Twitter Blue subscription get me behind paywalls?

No. If a Twitter Blue Publisher has a paywall you still need to subscribe directly to that publisher in order to access content behind the paywall. 

Note: Not all Twitter Blue Publishers have paywalls. 



Will Ad-free Articles deliver an ad-free reading experience for every article I read while I’m on Twitter?

The Ad-free Articles experience is only available from ad-free sites within the Twitter Blue Publishers Network. Subscribers logged in to Twitter, should look for the Ad-free with Twitter Blue label within a Tweet. This label identifies Tweets containing a link to a site in the Twitter Blue Publishers Network hosting ad-free content for subscribers. 

Note: Once you’re on a Twitter Blue Publisher’s site, you'll see the Twitter Blue bar on the website if you’re getting an Ad-free Articles experience with your Twitter Blue subscription. 



What is the Twitter Blue bar?

The Twitter Blue bar lets you know the ad-free experience you’re seeing comes from your active Twitter Blue subscription. It appears at the bottom of the Ad-free Articles you read on a Twitter Blue Publisher's website, and makes it easy to Tweet those articles to your followers. You can expand or collapse the interactive bar, which also lets you quickly access your Twitter Blue settings or Help Center. 



Why isn’t my Ad-free Articles feature working?

If your Twitter Blue subscription is active, make sure you’re logged in to your Twitter account. If you’re still having problems, look for these situations to help troubleshoot your ad-free experience.

Note: The Ad-free Articles feature doesn’t block classified ads, branded content from partner publishers or certain subscription banners. The Ad-free Articles feature also doesn’t give you access to certain content behind a paywall. To access that content from a Twitter Blue Publisher, you must also subscribe directly to their site.



What is the Ad-free site section in my Twitter Blue settings?

The Ad-free site section of your Twitter Blue membership page lists the publishers included in the Twitter Blue Publishers Network and their Twitter handles (if they have one). Follow your favorites for access to ad-free reading from the links they Tweet!



What’s the “Your impact” section in Ad-free articles about?

See your impact gives a snapshot of the time you spend as a Twitter Blue’s subscriber reading with Ad-free Articles on your favorite Twitter Blue Publisher sites while logged in to Twitter. It also shows an estimate of what a publisher earned for the time you spent reading Ad-free Articles on their site the previous month. Our goal with this feature is for our partner publishers to earn more on a per-reader basis through Twitter Blue than they would from advertising.

When we chart how your ad-free reading impacts what our partner publishers earn, you can understand how Twitter Blue’s fast-loading reading experience helps support the journalism you care about. 

Note: If you see a Check back soon message in this section, that means we’re still collecting data about the content you consume while logged in to Twitter Blue.



Does Twitter monitor content posted by the Ad-free sites?

All of the Twitter Blue Publishers are independent and responsible for the content that appears on their sites. Twitter doesn’t monitor, endorse or take responsibility for any of the content that appears on those sites.


About The Twitter Blue Publishers Network


What sites offer Ad-free Articles through the Twitter Blue Publishers Network?

We’re constantly working to offer a variety of content from your favorite sites. Follow @TwitterBlue to keep up with any changes to our Twitter Blue Publishers Network. On Twitter for iOS and Android, you can also find a list of some publishers within the network in your Twitter Blue settings


Note: If a Twitter Blue Publisher has a paywall, you still need to subscribe directly to that publisher to access content behind the paywall. We’ve launched this feature with US-based publishers but hope to include more publishers as Twitter Blue expands.


How do you choose publishers to Participate in the Twitter Blue Publishers Network?

Subscriber interest is one of several factors in welcoming publishers into the Twitter Blue Publishers Network. If there’s a publisher site you want to see on this list, ask them to join the #TwitterBluePublishersNetwork. 



Do I need a separate subscription for a publisher in the Twitter Blue Publishers Network?

Not all Twitter Blue Publishers’ sites have a paywall, but some may. If a site within the Twitter Blue Publishers Network has a paywall in place for certain content, you’ll need a separate subscription to that site in order to read content behind a paywall without ads.



How does my ad-free reading support journalism?

Each month, we pay publishers within the Twitter Blue Publishers Network based on the content you and other Twitter Blue subscribers read ad-free through Twitter Blue. Our model is designed to help publishers continue to fund the journalism you love to read. 


Your privacy and the Ad-free Articles feature


Can I opt-out of Ad-free Articles?

There isn’t a way to turn off the Ad-free Articles feature, but you can choose to skip the ad-free reading experience by avoiding clicking on links to articles with the Ad-free with Twitter Blue label.



Does Twitter Blue track my reading behavior?

Yes. For the Ad-free experience to work, Twitter tracks which sites within the Twitter Blue Publishers Networks our subscribers visit, or revisit, from Twitter while logged in to Twitter,  using cookies or similar technologies. Twitter tracks things like how much time subscribers spend reading with Ad-free Articles on the Twitter Blue Publisher sites, how much of an article they completed, and where subscribers visit from. This information allows us to provide the Ad-free Articles experience and pay Twitter Blue Publishers for the time subscribers spend on their sites. Learn more about how this feature uses cookies.  

Note: While the cookies help publishers identify Twitter Blue Subscribers in order to provide the Ad-free Articles experience, the cookies aren’t used to share information about your Twitter account with publishers.



What other information will Twitter gather in connection with this feature?

To learn what information Twitter may collect about you generally, review the Twitter Privacy Policy, and to better understand how data is processed in connection with this feature, please read About Ad-free Articles and cookies



Why do I have to be logged in to Twitter to take advantage of Ad-free Articles?

The technology that identifies you as a Twitter Blue subscriber to publishers and activates the Ads-Free Articles experience only works when you are logged in to Twitter. Logging out of Twitter is one of several behaviors that can interrupt your Ad-free Articles reading experience. 



What information will the Ad-free sites collect about me?

The Ad-free sites are independent and separate from Twitter, and we don’t control those sites, or the information they may collect about you when you visit those sites.

Note: Because of the technology that delivers the Ad-free Articles experience, the Ad-free sites will know that you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber if you visit their sites from Twitter while logged in, but will not be able to identify you through this technology. You should carefully review the Ad-free sites’ own terms of service, privacy policies, or similar documents to understand their need for cookies and other technologies, and what information they collect on their site. 


When isn’t the Ad-free Articles feature available?

The Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles feature delivers an ad-free reading experience from our partner publishers whenever possible. Under certain circumstances, you may still see ads if: 

  • You don’t begin your visit to a Twitter Blue Publishers’ ad-free site from within a Tweeted link while logged in to Twitter.
  • You log out of Twitter from the browser you initially visited our partner publishers’ ad-free site from.
  • Your subscription features are no longer available because your Twitter Blue subscription ended for any reason. 
  • An ad blocker or browser setting causes the Ad-free Articles code integrated onto the Twitter Blue Publisher site not to load. Note: Turning off your ad blocker for the Twitter Blue Publishers you read may help avoid this.
  • A publisher delivers certain types of advertisements that aren’t excluded by the ad-free experience. For example you’ll still see branded content such as sponsored articles, subscription banners, and classified advertisements on partner publishers’ Ad-free sites.
  • A publisher within the Twitter Blue Publishers Network requires you to affirmatively consent to cookies on their site, and you do not consent.

Other reasons why you may still see ads on a Twitter Blue Publisher’s Ad-free site: 

  • The publisher chooses not to include all of their domains or certain sites within the Ad-free Articles experience. 
  • Your browser privacy settings affect your ad-free reading experience.
    For example, certain Firefox privacy settings may affect the ad-free cookies so that you only get the Ad-free Articles experience when visiting a site directly from Twitter. You can adjust these settings by changing your cross-site tracking cookie settings
  • You try to read an article from a Twitter Blue Publisher’s dedicated app instead of your Twitter app.
  • A Twitter Blue Publisher does not always exclude ads in video content on their sites. 
  • On iPhone, apps are prevented from connecting to your default browser, so links in Safari or Chrome will not be ad-free.
  • AMP articles in Google News may not be ad-free.


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