TweetDeck FAQs

TweetDeck is a convenient way to view multiple timelines in one easy interface. 

Note: We’re currently previewing a newer version of TweetDeck with a limited number of people globally. Read more about the TweetDeck Preview, navigating it's features, and how to revert to the current version of TweetDeck.  

How do I set up TweetDeck access for my team?

TweetDeck lets you delegate access to your team members without the need to share passwords. Read more about how to set up and manage your team.

Why aren't my columns loading?

If your columns aren’t loading, we recommend signing out of TweetDeck. If you sign back in and your columns still aren’t loading, try deleting and then re-adding the column. If this doesn’t help, update your browser to the latest version.

How do I change my email address?

Learn how to change your email address.

How do I change my password?

Read about how to change or recover a lost or forgotten password.

How do I delete my account?

Read about how to deactivate your Twitter account, which is the first step to deleting your account. 

How do I schedule a Direct Message?

TweetDeck does not support scheduled Direct Messages.

Why am I seeing Tweets from an account I blocked or muted in search results on TweetDeck?

Blocking or muting an account on Twitter or TweetDeck does not remove the account or their Tweets from public search results on TweetDeck. 

Have your TweetDeck columns, connected accounts, or settings disappeared?

Make sure you’re logged in to TweetDeck with the correct Twitter account. You can check the account you’re logged in with by clicking the gear icon  if the displayed account is correct, try refreshing the page.

How do I stop GIFs from autoplaying?

  1. Click the gear icon  from the navigation bar and select Settings.
  2. Under the General tab, click the slider next to Autoplay GIFs to turn off the GIF autoplay setting. When autoplay is disabled, you will need to click the play icon  on each GIF to view the animation. 
  3. Click Done to save your changes.

Still having trouble with TweetDeck?

For assistance with TweetDeck, please tag @TweetDeck for support. We’ll need your help to collect the information necessary to solve these problems. If you’re experiencing any of the above or other issues, there’s useful data you can have ready for when you reach out to us, such as:

To find the version you are using:

  1. Click on the gear icon  from the navigation bar and select Settings.
  2. From the General tab, you'll see your current version listed.


How do I provide feedback and reporting issues?

We welcome your feedback about TweetDeck, as well as bug reports or issues you may encounter. To report a problem or provide feedback, please tag @TweetDeck for support.

When reporting a problem with the current version of TweetDeck, reproducing the issue within Chrome or Safari gives us additional information to help diagnose and solve the problem.


  1. Go to View > Developer > Javascript Console. This will open a screen with a lot of information; at the bottom will be a blinking cursor.
  2. Paste the following at the cursor: copy(JSON.stringify(
  3. Press return (enter) to copy some information that you can paste and send to us if we request it.



  1. Go to Develop > Show Web Inspector. Make sure the Scripts tab is selected.
  2. Enable debugging (for this session only)
  3. At the bottom of the inspector, the second icon will open the console. Scrolling to the bottom, you’ll find a blinking cursor.
  4. Paste the following at the cursor: copy(JSON.stringify(
  5. Press return (enter) to copy some information that you can paste and send to us if we request it.

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