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We’re currently testing a new version of TweetDeck with a limited number of people globally. This preview of an improved version of TweetDeck offers enhanced functionality and incorporates more of what you see on twitter.com. People participating in the TweetDeck Preview can expect to see features like a full Tweet Composer, Advanced search features, and new column types. We’re also introducing Decks—a new way to group columns into clean workspaces.  

Note: If you need help with the current version of TweetDeck, you’ll find FAQs and other help articles under our website and app integrations page

TweetDeck Preview FAQs

TweetDeck Preview FAQs


What’s a preview?

This invitation-only preview is an opportunity to test a new version of TweetDeck. Right now we're launching this limited preview to randomly selected people globally. If you receive and accept our invitation to test this preview version of TweetDeck, you’ll be agreeing to provide feedback about your experience.


How can I preview the new version of TweetDeck?

A preview of the new TweetDeck launched to randomly selected individuals beginning July 20, 2021. Invitations to join the experiment will continue as we build features to meet the needs of more people. 

If you already use TweetDeck, and are selected to participate in the test group, you may see an invitation within TweetDeck to opt into the preview. We won’t accept applications or referrals to test the new version of TweetDeck.  


Does the TweetDeck Preview work on mobile and all screen resolutions?

TweetDeck is not available on mobile, and you need a viewport resolution greater than 500px in width and 500px in height to access TweetDeck Preview.

If your browser window is below 500 px in width and height, you'll see a notification that TweetDeck is not available on a mobile device, and you won't be able to access TweetDeck Preview.


How do I share feedback?

If you accept the invitation to test the new version of TweetDeck, you agree to provide feedback through in-product prompts.

You can also share your feedback about the TweetDeck Preview by tweeting your thoughts with #TweetDeckFeedback to @TweetDeck.

You may be asked if you agree to let us contact you directly, but allowing this is optional, and does not guarantee that we will reach out to you directly. You can manage your email preferences here.


How is the preview version of TweetDeck different from twitter.com?

For people who prefer to use TweetDeck as their primary way to experience Twitter, this preview version offers an improved experience with a developing list of features. 


What new features are in the TweetDeck Preview?

Right now new features include: 

  • A sign-on flow that helps you set up your TweetDeck experience the way you’d like to. You can also include existing columns from the standard TweetDeck version into your TweetDeck Preview experience. 
  • A Tweet composer that lets you create threads and add photos, videos, GIFs, polls, or emojis to your Tweets, including scheduled Tweets. 
  • Advanced search helps you find the content you're looking for.  
  • Tweet order so you can view top Tweets or latest Tweets first in columns.
  • Decks that let you organize your columns into groups for cleaner workspaces. 
  • A Column Creator that offers a more intuitive way to create columns, and includes the ability to “Search Twitter” from within the column. Create column types like profile, topics, explore, events, moments, and bookmarks. 
  • Video Docking allows you to watch a video while performing other functions like accessing content in the same column, and changing Decks.

We’re still working on making improvements to the Teams feature and we’ll share more information about those updates as soon as possible.


What can I expect if I’m selected to preview the new version of TweetDeck?

You can expect to have access to both the current and preview versions of TweetDeck. We’ll request feedback on new features we introduce and how they enhance your experience.

Once you complete the opt-in process, you’ll have the option to switch between the current and preview versions of TweetDeck by clicking Leave TweetDeck Preview from the menu. Follow these opt out instructions for help finding this option.

Note: If you switch between the current and preview versions of TweetDeck, changes you make in one version will not carry over to the other.


Will I be able to migrate all of my saved searches, columns, and lists into the preview version of TweetDeck?

After you accept our invitation to test the new version of TweetDeck, you’ll have the option to copy your search, list, and profile columns into the new TweetDeck. This is a one-time option to copy this information into the new TweetDeck. 

Note: If you switch between the current and preview versions of TweetDeck, changes you make in one version will not carry over to the other.


Can I add more than one Twitter account in the TweetDeck preview?

You can add multiple accounts into TweetDeck Preview with the Account Switching feature when you click your Profile icon, then select Add an existing account. This feature lets you toggle between your accounts like you would on Twitter.com and your Twitter app.


Is Account Switching the same as TweetDeck Teams?

Account Switching is different from TweetDeck Teams which lets you share access to your accounts without needing to share passwords. We’re still redesigning a new TweetDeck Teams experience.


As a participant, how long will my access to the preview version of TweetDeck last?

The TweetDeck Preview will be available for a limited period and may close at any time. 


I don't want to test the TweetDeck Preview, how do I go back to the older version of TweetDeck?

If you'd like to switch back to the current version of TweetDeck and opt-out of testing the TweetDeck Preview,  follow the opt-out prompts from within TweetDeck which are also detailed below.

How to opt-out of the TweetDeck Preview


Please follow these instructions to switch back to the current version of TweetDeck:

Step 1

Navigate to TweetDeck Preview.

Step 2

Click the more icon.

Step 3

Click Settings and privacy.

Step 4

Click Your account.

Step 5

Cick TweetDeck version.

Step 6

In the popup box, click Exit and opt-out of TweetDeck Preview. 

Step 7

 In the popup box, click Exit and delete.

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