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Super Follows is about supporting the voices on Twitter you care about most. With your paid, monthly Super Follows subscription, you’ll have access to bonus content and perks specific to each person you Super Follow. You’ll see badges on all your replies to their Tweets too.


Subscription help

Where do I find my Super Follows bonus content?

When someone you Super Follow posts bonus Tweets for their Super Followers, it’ll appear on your Home timeline. The content also appears on their profile under the Super Follows Tweets tab, where all Super Follows Tweets they’ve posted are viewable in one place.


How do I set up notifications for Super Follows content?

Super Followers on Twitter for iOS can set up notifications so they will be notified when the people they Super Follow Tweet exclusive content. To set up these notifications from Twitter for iOS:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the person you Super Follow.

  2. Tap the Super Following button on their profile.

  3. The Account notification section shows all the notification options. Tap Super Follower only Tweets as well as any other notifications you wish to activate. 

  4. You will now receive notifications when the person you Super Follow posts exclusive Super Follows content.


Where do I find my Super Follows badge, and who else sees it?

After you purchase a Super Follows subscription, a “Super Follower” badge will appear next to your name on all of your replies to Tweets by the person you Super Follow. When you Super Follow someone, a public "Super Follower" badge appears next to your name anytime you reply to any of their Tweets.

If you’re on Twitter for iOS, you can change who can see your badge in your subscription settings by selecting the Super Following button on each of the creator’s profiles that you Super Follow. When toggled off, the badge on your replies to a creator’s public Tweets will be hidden from everyone except the creator. Your replies to the creator’s Super Follows Tweets will still be badged, and the creator and their Super Followers will be able to see the badge. We’re still working on this setting for Android. 


If I Super Follow more than one person, do I get multiple badges?

A single “Super Follower” badge appears by your name on your replies to Tweets by the people you Super Follow. This badge isn’t specific to any one subscription, and you won’t see multiple badges.


Who sees Super Follows conversations and replies?

Super Follows Tweets and replies to them are only seen by other people who Super Follow that same account. Non-subscribers can’t see Super Follows Tweets or replies.


Can I share Super Follows Tweets?

As a Super Follower, you are able to Retweet and Quote Tweet Super Follows Tweets. Only other Super Followers will see Retweets, shared links, or Direct Messages of Super Follows Tweets. Non-subscribers will only see your comment in a Quote Tweet, but will be instructed to Super Follow the creator in order to see the Super Follows Tweet.


I Super Followed the wrong person, can I transfer my subscription?

If you subscribed to the wrong person, you’ll need to cancel your subscription, then subscribe to the correct profile. All Twitter subscriptions are non-refundable, unless required by law, including subscriptions purchased in error.


How do I cancel my Super Follows subscription?

Uninstalling your app will not cancel your subscription, as all cancellations must be carried out through the platform you used to purchase the subscription. For example, if you purchased your subscription on Twitter for iOS, you must carry out your cancellation on Twitter for iOS or through Apple Support. Purchases made on Android devices must be carried out on your Android device or by contacting Google Support. For people living in the EU or UK, you can find Apple's and Google's respective cancellation instructions, related refund policies and model cancellation form for the App Store here and for Google Play here.

Turning off auto-renew in your devices app purchasing platform prevents billing for the next payment period, and also unsubscribes you, but won’t refund your purchase. Your access to bonus content from the person you Super Followed expires at the end of the billing cycle. 




What should I do if I canceled my subscription, but want to re-subscribe?

If you cancel a Super Follows subscription and then decide to re-subscribe to the same Super Follows profile, simply repeat the initial subscription process. If you re-subscribe and Super Follow someone during the same billing period you canceled, you won’t get re-billed.


If I have more than one Twitter account, will I see my Super Follows subscription from all of my accounts?

Your Apple ID or Google Account, as applicable, is limited to a single purchase of a specific subscription, so only one of your Twitter accounts can subscribe to and see bonus content from a specific Super Follows subscription. 

Billing and payment help


What happens if my subscription payment doesn’t go through?

When the payment provider processes your initial subscription purchase, and/or monthly renewal, they’ll try completing the transaction up to 3 times.


Why didn’t my payment process?

If you believe you have sufficient funds to complete your transaction, but are still experiencing issues, review the list below to see some reasons why your transaction might get declined:

  • Did you enter the correct credit card details?
  • Did you enter the correct address, zip code or postal code?
  • Have you reached the daily limit set on your account by Twitter (limits reset daily)?
  • Does your card issuer limit internet transactions? If so, please contact your bank or credit card provider?
  • Have you used a proxy or VPN to access Twitter? Your bank may have an IP verification system that may restrict your purchases. Please contact your bank to see why your card was declined.
  • Did you turn off auto-renew for your subscription?

Still having trouble? Get more help using this form.


How will you bill me for my Super Follows subscription?

Super Follows subscriptions bill through the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android on or around the same date each month. For purchases made on Android’s Google Play store, subscription renewals may start 24 hours before each subscription period starts.

The same payment method you used to buy the subscription will be charged when your subscription renews. You’ll manage any changes to your subscription billing by contacting the App Store for iOS purchases and Google for Android purchases.


Can I change my subscription billing date?

Your Super Follows subscriptions automatically renew on or around the same date each month. If you need to change your billing date, contact the App Store for purchases made on iOS and Google for purchases made on Android.

Content issues, error messages, and bugs


Why can’t I access my Super Follows subscription content?

It might take a few minutes for your Super Follows subscription to become available. If you continue to have issues, cancel your subscription, log in to your account and resubscribe. You won’t get charged again, and this should activate your subscription.


I purchased a Super Follows subscription from someone who isn’t creating any Super Follows content, what should I do?

Super Follows subscriptions are designed to support your favorite voices on Twitter. The bonus content people offer is the full responsibility of people who offer Super Follows subscriptions. If the person you’re supporting isn’t providing the perks listed on their Super Follows preview page, we suggest contacting them directly. If that doesn’t help, visit the subscription management page in the App Store or Google Play to unsubscribe.

Unsubscribing won’t refund your purchase, but your Super Follows access continues through the end of the billing cycle you’ve already paid for.


Purchases from this device have been disabled

You may see this error if your Apple ID or Google Account is set to restricted purchasing like parental controls. If your account isn’t set for purchase restrictions, and you receive this error, please contact Apple Support directly or find more information at the Google Play Help Center.


Purchase can’t be completed

We’ve released Super Follows for in-app purchase on Twitter for iOS and Android. If you still see this message, check your network connection and try again later.


Can’t connect to App Store or Google Play

If you have trouble connecting to the App Store or Google Play, you may be experiencing network or server issues and need to try making your purchase again later. 


How do I report a bug?

We’re sorry you’re having trouble with your Super Follows subscription. Please reach out by swiping open the sidebar viewable from your Home timeline. Tap Purchases, then Get help.

Suspended or blocked accounts


My Twitter account was suspended, what happens to my Super Follows subscription?

A Twitter suspension or locked account will not automatically cancel your Super Follows subscription, so you’ll need to cancel your subscription through the App Store or Google to prevent further monthly charges. Subscriptions are non-refundable, unless required by law, even if the Twitter account you purchased the subscription for is suspended for any reason. Read more about how to cancel my Super Follows Subscription.


The person I Super Follow had their account suspended, what should I do?

If the Twitter account of the person you Super Follow gets suspended, deleted, or removed from Twitter, your subscription will be cancelled, and you’ll no longer be charged. You’ll receive a notification alerting you that your subscription has been cancelled.


The person I Super Follow blocked my account, does that mean my subscription is canceled?

If you are blocked by the person you Super Followed, you’ll get a notification letting you know that you can no longer access your subscription, and should unsubscribe. Since you aren’t automatically unsubscribed, you’ll need to visit the App Store to cancel your iOS subscription or go to Google Play to cancel your Android subscription.

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