About Super Follows

Super Follows is a way for people’s most engaged followers to help them earn money from Twitter for their contributions on Twitter. When someone has a Super Follows offering, their Super Followers can access and see bonus Tweets created especially for them. Super Followers receive badges on all their replies to the person they’ve Super Followed, letting them stand out in the conversation.

Note: We’re still in the early stages of Super Follows, and right now only people in our initial test group can have a Super Follows offering. Purchase of Super Follows subscriptions are currently available globally on Twitter for iOS and Android, as well as on twitter.com in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Interaction with Super Follows content is only available from an iOS or Android device.


Super Follows FAQs


What is Super Follows?

Super Follows is a paid monthly subscription from Twitter that offers access to bonus content, exclusive previews, and perks as a way to support and connect with people on Twitter.


Who can Super Follow people?

Anyone in a region where Super Follows is available can purchase a subscription from Twitter to Super Follow people in the initial test group. Find them by looking for the Super Follow button on their profile or check out the @SuperFollows handle to see who they follow.


What does a Super Follows subscription include?

People who have a Super Follows offering choose what bonus content they share. Learn more about what you can expect when you Super Follow someone. 


Can I share Super Follows Tweets?

As a Super Follower, you can Retweet and Quote Tweet Super Follows Tweets. Only other Super Followers will see Retweets, shared links, or Direct Messages of Super Follows Tweets. Non-subscribers will only see your comment in a Quote Tweet, but will be instructed to Super Follow the creator in order to see the Super Follows Tweet.


Can I Super Follow more than one person?

Yes. Visit the profile of the person with a Super Follow account and tap or click Super Follow to learn more about what they offer and purchase their specific subscription from Twitter. Each subscription is a separate purchase.  

If you ever need to cancel a Super Follows subscription, you'll do so the same way you purchased the subscription. 


How much does Super Follows cost?

The person you Super Follow sets the monthly price of the subscription to their Super Follows offering by choosing from one of the price points made available by Twitter: $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99.


How much of my subscription goes to support the person I Super Follow?

When you Super Follow someone, they can earn up to 97% of the revenue Twitter has earned from what you pay Twitter, after in-app purchase fees, up to $50,000 in lifetime earnings based on Twitter’s Super Follows Creator Terms. After $50,000 in lifetime earnings, they can earn up to 80% of revenue after in-app purchase fees.

Example revenue breakdown**

**for demonstration purposes only

A creator is based in the United States, and their Super Follows subscription cost is $4.99. Someone from the United States subscribes (available on iOS and Android, or web*), paying Twitter in USD. This creator has not yet reached $50,000 in lifetime earnings from Twitter across Twitter’s monetization products.

*Note: The example below only applies to iOS app-based purchases, and doesn’t include web-based purchases. 

$4.99 - Super Follows subscription cost

$1.50 - Apple’s in-app purchase fee (currently, 30% of subscription cost under Apple’s terms, subject to change by Apple)

$0.10 - Twitter’s minimum share of the revenue

$3.39 - Creator is eligible to get paid up to this amount by Twitter


Does Twitter or the person I Super Follow get my payment information when I subscribe?

Super Follows subscriptions are purchased from Twitter. So when you purchase a Super Follows subscription, Twitter will receive a receipt of the transaction that includes some information about your purchase, including the last four digits of the card number used to complete the purchase. The person you Super Follow won’t see your payment details or credit card information.

In addition, when you make a purchase on the web, Twitter collects certain elements about you in the embedded form you fill out, while the remaining data is collected by Stripe, our payment partner.


Does Super Follows offer a free trial?

We aren’t offering free trials of Super Follows at this time.


Is Super Follows available on iOS, Android, and web?

Super Follows subscriptions are available for purchase globally on iOS, Android and on the web in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. As we roll out more broadly, subscribers can expect to interact with, Super Follower content across all platforms. 


I want to Super Follow someone, how do I subscribe?

You can subscribe with Twitter to Super Follow someone from their profile or from a subscription link shared with you. 

1. Navigate to the Twitter profile you’d like to Super Follow. Any subscription links shared with you take you directly to the subscription page for that Creator.

2. If that person has a Super Follows offering, and you already follow them, tap or click the Super Follow in the top right corner of their profile.

If that person has a Super Follows offering, and you don’t already follow them, tap or click the Super Follows icon next to the blue Follow button in the top right corner of their profile. You’ll see a preview of the type of bonus content they may offer their Super Followers, and the subscription price.

3. Tap or click Super Follow to accept the terms and complete your subscription purchase with Twitter.


What's a subscription link?

A subscription link is a way for Creators and their Super Followers to easily invite others to Super Follow someone. 


What can I expect after I Super Follow someone?

Super Follows benefits include:

  • Exclusive Tweets:
    In addition to the regular Tweets the person you Super Follow posts, you’ll also see Tweets in your Home timeline posted exclusively for Super Followers to interact with and reply to.
  • Notification of exclusive Tweets (iOS and Adroid only):
    Super Followers on Twitter for iOS and Android also have the option to set up exclusive Tweet notifications so they get notified when Super Follows Tweets are posted by Super Follow creators they subscribe to.
  • Super Follower-only Spaces: 
    Participate in live, subscriber-only conversations hosted by the creator(s) you Super Follow. You’ll join these subscriber-only Spaces as a listener who can request to speak in the Space.
  • A Super Follows Badge:
    When you reply to a Tweet from someone you Super Follow, a public badge next to your display name in the reply will identify you as one of their Super Followers. Anyone can see this badge, but if you’re on Twitter for iOS or Android, you can choose to hide the badge from your replies to a Super Follow creator’s public Tweets by turning the setting off. 

    Even when this setting is turned off, your Super Follower badge will still appear to other Super Followers when you reply to Super Follower-only Tweets. The creator will always be able to see who is Super Following them. This setting is on by default.
  • Super Follows Tweets tab:
    Navigate to the profile of the person you Super Follow and tap their Super Follows Tweets tab. This tab lets you see all of someone’s Super Follows Tweets in one place, and you’ll have access to it for as long as you Super Follow them. 

How do I unsubscribe if I decide I no longer want to Super Follow someone?

If you ever need to cancel a Super Follows subscription, you’ll manage your subscription through whatever platform you used to subscribe. If you purchased your subscription from:

Twitter for iOS: cancel from your Apple device’s Account Settings or in the “Subscriptions” section of the App Store.

Google: cancel your subscription by visiting the Subscriptions section of the Google Play Store.

Twitter.com: Log in to your account and visit the Creator’s profile page that you Super Follow. Click Super Following, then click Manage Subscription. 

Note: Cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the auto-renewal period, to avoid further charges. Canceling won’t give you a refund for fees already paid, but your features won’t expire until the end of the period you’ve already paid for.


What if the person I Super Follow stops their Super Follows offering?

If the person you Super Follow ever deactivates their Super Follows offering, we’ll cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged for the following month. All purchases are non-refundable, including payments for a subscription canceled or suspended in the middle of a billing cycle. 


Can I get a refund?

Super Follows subscriptions, including those linked to suspended Twitter accounts, or accounts that you lost access to for any other reason, are non-refundable, unless required by law.


How does my Twitter experience change if I don’t pay for Super Follows?

We understand that Super Follows isn’t for everybody, and that’s ok! The free Tweets you know and love aren’t going anywhere. Super Follows is optional, and meant for people looking for more ways to support their favorite voices on Twitter.


Can I still follow someone if I don’t pay for Super Follows?

Yes! To see regular Tweets posted by someone who has a Super Follows offering, simply follow them as you normally would.


Are free Tweets going away?

Free Twitter isn’t going away. Super Follows subscriptions simply offer an additional way for people to support their favorite voices on Twitter.


I need help with a subscription I purchased, what should I do?

Check out our Super Follows help center article for subscribers.

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