About Revue by Twitter

Revue is an editorial newsletter service for anyone, from aspiring writers to larger publishers, to start and publish a newsletter.

We are building this out in the open @Revue and are growing with your feedback in mind. Revue’s integration with Twitter helps newsletter creators promote their content and find new audiences. Interested readers can easily subscribe to newsletters from creators’ Twitter profiles.



Who can use Revue?

Anyone can sign up to have a Revue newsletter. 

Note: Signing up for and using Revue is subject to Revue’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


How do I set up my Revue account?

Go to the Revue signup page and then follow the steps to set up your account. Learn more about managing your Revue account


Who can show a newsletter on their Twitter profile?

Anyone on Twitter who has a Revue newsletter can show it on their profile. Once the creator’s Twitter account is connected to Revue, they can navigate to their settings on Revue to control the display of this feature.


Is there another way to show my newsletter on Twitter aside from my profile?

Yes, you can share it through Tweets. When composing a Tweet, add the link to your Revue profile, and Twitter will automatically generate a link preview for you. If you want to show a specific issue of your newsletter instead, just add the link to the issue you want to show and Twitter will generate a link preview of the issue. 


Can I control the display of the Tweet link preview?

The link preview will display helpful information about your Revue newsletter including the newsletter or issue title, newsletter or issue description, your Revue profile image, and subscriber count.

To edit your newsletter title, description, or profile image, go to your Revue account. Once logged in, navigate to your profile picture in the top-right corner and go to Account settings > Profile. Then scroll down and select what you’d like to edit. 

To edit your issue title, you need to change the subject line of that issue. Go to your Revue account and log in. Next, navigate to the Issues page. To edit the title of a draft, tap Edit. To edit the title of a published issue, tap or click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the issue in question, and select Edit issue. In both cases, change the text next to where it says Subject to your new desired issue title, and the page will auto-save.


How does Twitter decide which image to show for link previews of newsletter issues?

  • If you have a specific image you would like to use as your thumbnail, you can upload that image when scheduling or sending a newsletter. The preview will use that selected image. 
  • If you have not specified an image for the thumbnail, Twitter will show the first image used in the newsletter issue. 
  • If the issue being shared doesn’t have an image, Twitter will show your Revue profile image. 
  • Please remember only to use images that you have the right to use, in accordance with Revue’s Terms of Service

How does Twitter decide what text description to use for link previews of newsletter issues?

If you set a preheader for that issue, Twitter will show the preheader in the link preview. Learn how to add a preheader to your issues

If no preheader is set, Twitter will use the introductory text in the issue. 

If no introductory text is set, Twitter will use the Issues Description from your Revue profile settings. 


What if I don’t want my subscriber count to be displayed?

To hide your subscriber count, go to your Revue account and navigate to Account Settings > Settings > Subscriber Count. Select Hide the number of subscribers on my profile page.


What does it look like for my Twitter followers when I Tweet my Revue profile or newsletter issue?

When you share a link to your Revue profile, followers who click the link will see a Subscribe call-to-action button in the Tweet that appears on their timeline.

When you share a link to a newsletter issue, your followers will also see a Subscribe call-to-action button when they return to their timeline.

For people who already subscribe to your newsletter, they will instead see an option to read the latest issue. 


What happens if other people on Twitter Tweet my Revue profile or newsletter issue?

People on Twitter will see the same link previews described above, in their timelines, and will have the option to subscribe or read an issue. 


Is there a fee for sending a newsletter?

No, you can send a newsletter for free. 


Is payout based solely on subscribers or are there other factors?

Creators on Revue have full control over whether to charge for their content. They decide on the monthly price of their paid newsletters and can offer discounts.


How much of a payout do creators on Revue receive?

We’ll only charge 5% of your revenue. You’ll also be subject to processing fees by our payment processor. Twitter does not have control over the transaction fee nor currency exchange rates imposed by the payment processor. Read more about how pricing works on Revue. 


Can I change the price of my monthly subscription?

You can make edits at any time through Account settings on Revue


Can newsletter creators see their subscribers’ Twitter-affiliated email addresses?

Yes, in order for a reader to subscribe to a newsletter from a creator’s Twitter profile they must consent to sharing their email address with the creator. If a Twitter-affiliated email changes later, it will not be updated in Revue. If a subscriber does not have a Twitter-affiliated email address they will be asked to share their email with Revue, and those email addresses will be shared with newsletter creators. 


Will newsletter creators receive their subscribers’ Twitter accounts?

Nothing relating to subscribers’ Twitter accounts is shared with newsletter creators beyond the subscribers’ Twitter-affiliated email addresses. In order to subscribe to a newsletter, subscribers are informed that by subscribing, the email address associated with their Twitter account will be shared with the newsletter through the Revue service. 

Note: While Twitter accounts are not shared with creators, creators can potentially identify subscribers’ Twitter accounts using subscribers’ email addresses. 


What kind of analytics are shared?

Revue offers email analytics and unique engagement insights. Learn more about newsletter performance and analytics


How do readers unsubscribe from a newsletter?

They can tap or click on the Unsubscribe or Manage subscription link in any email received from the creator. 


Can subscribers subscribe directly to other newsletter platforms from creators’ Twitter profiles?

No, this feature is currently exclusive to Revue newsletters. 


Are there any rules regarding Revue newsletter content?

All content published with Revue must follow the Revue Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and the Twitter Rules and policies. Revue is intended to support a wide range of editorial content, but it is not meant to be used for publications that primarily exist to host promotions, giveaways, or similar activities.

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