How to broadcast with Periscope Producer

Important: Update as of Dec 15, 2020: Periscope and the Super Broadcaster program are shutting down on March 31, 2021. Learn more here. Broadcasters who meet the requirements here, can apply to be a Super Broadcaster until February 1, 2021.

About Periscope Producer

Periscope Producer is a way for live video creators to stream high-quality broadcasts from external sources, including streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras, available on the latest Periscope iOS, Android and web.

​Creating an external video source

  1. Go to the People Tab, then Settings, and scroll down to select Periscope Producer under Advanced Sources. If you don’t see this option, try force closing and re-opening the app.
  2. Provide a Source Display Name (optional, but important if adding multiple sources).
  3. You will see an RTMP URL (Primary Server) and an external source ID (Stream Name).
  4. Select normal or low latency. Normal latency is best for highest-quality playback and is on by default. Low latency is best for broadcasters interacting with comments from the audience. 

Note: Visual instructions are also availabe to view.

Configuring an external video source

  1. Enter the Primary Server as RTMP URL/Address and Stream Name as Source ID/Stream Name into your external encoder software and open the connection.
    • On OBS: go to Settings > Stream.
    • On Wirecast: go to Output > Output Settings... > Destination: RTMP Server.
  2. Input Key Settings
    • Video bitrate and codec: 2500 kbps (recommended), 4000 kbps (max), H.264
    • Audio bitrate and codec: 128 kbps AAC-LC 
    • Framerate: 30 fps 
    • Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • Keyframe interval: Every 3 seconds (OBS) or keyframe every 90 frames (Wirecast)
  3. Start streaming from the encoder or device

Selecting an external video source

  1. Unlike a regular broadcast, you start the broadcast from the Advanced Sources page.
  2. When the encoder starts pushing a stream, you will see the Checking for Sources button change to Preview Broadcast. If the button is not active, try swiping down to refresh the page.
  3. Upon tapping that button, you will see the usual Start Broadcast screen display with the red Go LIVE button and a preview of the stream coming from the external source.

Previewing and starting a broadcast

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Choose whether the stream is public or private at the top left of the screen.
  3. Choose if you want to limit chat and/or Tweet.
  4. Press Go LIVE.

Ending a broadcast

  1. When you want to end a broadcast, swipe down on the top of the screen and select Stop Broadcast.
  2. Some things to note about ending a broadcast:
    • If the app is connected and the encoder is connected and running, the app will continue broadcasting.
    • If the app is connected and the encoder stops, you will continue broadcasting with a black screen or slate.
    • If the app stops and the encoder is connected, you will continue broadcasting the encoder's stream.
    • If the app stops and the encoder stops, stop the broadcast.
    • Tapping Leave Broadcast will allow you to continue using the Periscope app while you are still broadcasting through Producer.

Which encoders and services are supported?

OBS, Wirecast, Teradek, Elemental, Switchboard Live Joicaster, LiveStream, FFMpeg, Tricaster, Telescope, LiveU, vMix, and Vidpresso. 

Is there a list of developer partners available?

Yes, check out the Periscope partners using our API to create native integrations, allowing authentication and native broadcasting into Periscope.

Can I comment on my broadcast?

After the broadcast has started, you can select Leave Broadcast, then navigate to your profile page and tap on your broadcasts. Select current live encoded stream to join the broadcast and comment.

How can I start a new broadcast?

As long as the external encoder remains connected, you can go back to the Broadcast Now window as outlined above to start another Periscope broadcast using the same connected encoder.

Do you offer transcoding?

Yes. Periscope Producer offers transcoding, which allows broadcasters to stream higher quality live video. Viewers will see the highest quality video available to them, depending on their individual networks.

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