Periscope FAQs

Periscope apps are no longer live as of March 31, 2021.


We’ve sunset the Periscope iOS and Android apps as of March 31, 2021 as we discussed here. Periscope web at, will remain available as a read-only archive of public broadcasts, but you will not be able to create a new account, broadcast live, or purchase coins. Thank you for being a vibrant part of our Periscope community. We look forward to having you join the conversation on Twitter.

What are the available options for live broadcast on Twitter?


People can broadcast on Twitter using Twitter Live within compose by selecting the in-app camera icon. Additionally, brands, publishers and creators can go live on Twitter by using Media Studio.

For broadcasters who use external encoders, you will still be able to create broadcasts programmatically for a limited time through the Periscope public API, which will be migrating to the Twitter API in 2021. 

Can I link my Periscope account to Twitter?


You can no longer link a Periscope account to Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account, you will need to create one. 

Can I download an archive of my Periscope broadcasts and data?


Yes, at this time you can request a copy of your Periscope data and download your broadcasts. You can do this here. After March 31st you will be able to download your data and broadcasts via Twitter data which can be found in the settings of your Twitter account. 

How do I download my broadcasts?


To download your broadcasts, log into your Periscope account on the web and visit the download dashboard page.

To request your data, select Send Data Request below the first of three dots you’ll see at the top of the dashboard. Once your request is complete, scroll down to see a list of your broadcasts. Click the Download button next to any broadcast you wish to download locally to your computer.

The Download links are valid for 7 days. Once the links expire, you can click Send Data Request again, which will include your most recent data.

What happened to the Super Broadcaster Program?


The Super Broadcaster program has ended. The ability to purchase coins for tipping favorite broadcasters is also unavailable. Thank you to the creators who made this a vibrant community throughout its duration.   

I am a Super Broadcaster. What should I do with my stars? 


You should request to cash out all your stars before April 30, 2021. Read more on the Super Broadcaster program here.

I am not a Super Broadcaster yet, but I meet the criteria to apply, what should I do?


The Super Broadcaster program has ended and new applications are no longer being accepted. 

I’ve received Super Hearts, but I didn’t meet the criteria to become a Super Broadcaster, what should I do?


The Super Broadcaster program has ended.  Since we are no longer accepting new applications, you cannot request to cash out your stars. 

What are my options if I have coins I haven’t used yet?


Following the sunset of Live broadcasts on March 31, 2021, the ability to use coins to send Super Hearts to your favorite broadcasters is no longer available.

Will my periscope followers be transferred over to my Twitter Account? 


We don't automatically transfer followers from your Periscope account to your Twitter account. Followers will have to manually re-follow you on Twitter.

Will third party applications still be able to stream via API to Twitter Live? 

Yes, streaming via third-party API apps will work on Twitter.

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