Periscope FAQs

What is happening to Periscope and why?

Twitter has made the difficult decision to wind down the Periscope app. The Periscope iOS and Android apps will no longer be in service as of March 31, 2021. Periscope web at periscope.tv, will remain available as a read-only archive of public broadcasts. Given our previous work integrating core parts of Periscope into the service, this move will allow us to further strengthen our live video creation tools natively in Twitter. We’re incredibly proud and grateful for all that Periscope has brought to the service, and look forward to having its vibrant community of creators continue to join the conversation on Twitter.

When is this effective?

On December 15, 2020, we notified customers that Periscope is being sunset and people will no longer be able to use the app for live broadcasts by March 31, 2021. People will also no longer be able to create new accounts or purchase coins to tip their favorite broadcaster.


What are the available options for live broadcast on Twitter moving forward?

People can broadcast on Twitter using Twitter Live within compose by selecting the in-app camera icon. Additionally, brands, publishers and creators can go live on Twitter by using Media Studio.

People will also still be able to create broadcasts programmatically through the Periscope public API, which will also be migrating to the Twitter API in 2021.


When will people not be able to create new Periscope accounts?

Beginning December 15, 2020, no new Periscope accounts can be created.


How do I link my Periscope account to Twitter?

After you log in to the Periscope app, you can navigate to the settings tab and click on Connected Accounts. There, you will be able to add a connected Twitter account to your Periscope user. All of your past and future broadcasts will now be associated with and accessible by that Twitter account.


Can I download an archive of my Periscope broadcasts and data?

Yes, you will be able to request a copy of your Periscope data and download your broadcasts. You can do this here


What are the criteria to be a Super Broadcaster? Is there an application cut off?

Thank you to our vibrant community of creators. We know that many of you were striving to be a part of our Super Broadcaster program. To help here, we are relaxing our requirements to apply to be a Super Broadcaster and cash out. Applications must be submitted no later than February 1, 2021 to allow for ample processing and payment time. For details on the updated Super Broadcaster requirements, please go here


If I meet the criteria, how do I apply to be a Super Broadcaster?

Learn more and apply here.


When will people not be able to purchase coins to tip broadcasters via Super Hearts?

Starting December 15, 2020, people will no longer be able to purchase new coins. 


I am a Super Broadcaster. What should I do with my stars? 

You should request to cash out all your stars before April 30, 2021. Read more on the Super Broadcaster program here.


I am not a Super Broadcaster yet, but I meet the criteria to apply, what do I need to do?

You should apply to be a Super Broadcaster by February 1, 2021 and request to cash out of all your stars before April 30, 2021.


I’ve received Super Hearts, but I don’t meet the criteria to become a Super Broadcaster, what do I need to do?

We have relaxed the requirements to be a Super Broadcaster. Please visit the revised requirements here to see if you can apply now. If you still do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to exchange Super Hearts you’ve received for cash. 


What are my options if I have coins I haven’t used yet?

Use your remaining coins to send Super Hearts to your favorite broadcasters by March 31, 2021.

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