How to view analytics in Media Studio

How to view analytics for a particular video

  1. Click on a video within your Media Studio library.
  2. The metrics Video Views, Completion Rate, and Average Watch Time will be shown in the opened window.
  3. For more advanced analytics, click the More Analytics button.
  4. Select a date range using the filter at the top right (which defaults to a 7 day view).
  5. The window will now show the following metrics:
    1. Total Views
    2. Organic Views
    3. Promoted Views
    4. Video Completion Rate
    5. Average Watch Time
    6. Country of viewership
    7. Platform of viewership (iOS, Android, Web, etc.)
  6. Tip: Metrics are aggregated by video, not by Tweet. If you have Tweeted the same video multiple times, we add up all metrics across those Tweets within this view).

Analytics FAQs

Can I find more video analytics for my username and uploaded videos?

Yes, from Media Studio, click on the Analytics button at the top bar, then click on Video Activity. This will redirect you to your Video Activity Dashboard hosted on This dashboard contains more high-level account information, including all video views aggregated by date (using the date picker at the top-right of the page).

Can I export video-level analytics from my library?

Yes. Click on a video in your library to open the media detail window. Then click the More analytics button to view advanced analytics. Then click the Export button that appears within that media detail window.

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