About Birdwatch on Twitter

Birdwatch aims to create a better informed world by empowering people on Twitter to collaboratively add notes to potentially misleading Tweets. Pillot contributors can write notes on any Tweet and if enough other contributors rate that note as helpful, highly ranked Birdwatch notes may be publicly shown on a Tweet.

During this phase, Birdwatch notes will be publicly visible on Tweets to only a small group of US customers. However, all people in the US can see these notes on a separate Birdwatch site. We have included responses to frequently asked questions below, but you can learn more through the Birdwatch Guide as well.

Birdwatch and Twitter Rules

Birdwatch notes do not represent Twitter's viewpoint and cannot be edited or modified by our teams. A Tweet with a Birdwatch note will not be labeled, removed, or addressed by Twitter unless it is found to be violating Twitter Rules, Terms of Service, or our Privacy Policy. Failure to abide by the rules can result in one’s removal from the Birdwatch pilot, and/or other remediations.

Anyone can report notes they believe aren’t in accordance with those rules by clicking or tapping the menu on a note, and then selecting "Report," or by using this form.  

How to become a Birdwatch note contributor
  • Learn more about contributor eligibility and sign up here.

During the first phase of the pilot, contributing to Birdwatch is limited to a small test group in the US. The eventual goal is to expand the program to the global Twitter community as different points of view are essential to helpfully addressing misinformation. We plan to slowly scale the contributor base based on learnings from the pilot phase, and are therefore reviewing a limited number of applications on a rolling, periodic basis.

How to rate a note if you see a Birdwatch note
  • If you see a Tweet with a Birdwatch card and note, you can rate how helpful you think the note is. 

I have a note on my Tweet. What can I do?

As a Tweet author, if you disagree that a Birdwatch note provides important context about your Tweet, you can request additional review.

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