About Birdwatch on Twitter

We’re currently testing the option to allow people to write notes that provide additional context on Tweets they believe contain misleading information. During this phase, notes added to Tweets will not be shown directly on Tweets, but will be available to view through the Birdwatch site for people in the US. 

We believe that a community-driven approach to address misleading information can help people be better informed. And we know that people already informally go through this process on Twitter –– often people on Twitter identify and respond to the misleading information through Tweets, replies, and Quote Tweets. In addition to identifying misleading information, people also regularly provide more context and credible information to misleading Tweets. 

Birdwatch is our first step towards building a new way to empower anyone on Twitter to help create a better informed world.

Learn more about this feature through our Birdwatch Guide.

For experiment participants

How to add a note to a Tweet

  1. From the Tweet you’d like to add note to, click on the  icon.
  2. From the menu select Contribute to Birdwatch.
  3. Before writing your note, you'll see a reminder about Birdwatch values, which prompts you to acknowledge by reading, then clicking or tapping Continue
  4. Follow the prompts onscreen to answer the questions and add your note.
  5. Click or tap Submit when you’re finished.

Note: You can delete a note you’ve posted to a Tweet at any time.

Additional things you can do if you're an experiment participant

  • You have the option to Rate how helpful you think a note is and answer additional questions to give us your insights. 
  • If a Tweet has notes, you’ll see the Birdwatch icon  which will take you to the Birdwatch site.

To view notes in the US

Anyone in the US can visit the Birdwatch site to browse notes added to Tweets.

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