How to report Twitter Ads

Make sure it’s a Twitter Ad.

Twitter Ads are paid promotions that brands use to amplify messages, target potential customers, and grow their follower bases. Twitter Ads are identified by a pill listing the name of the advertiser or political advertiser, and designates the content as an ad. Twitter Ads are not the same as a Tweet from an account for a brand or business, or a Tweet that includes “ad” or “sponsored” in the Tweet text. For more information, please see:

What are Promoted Tweets?

What are Promoted Trends?

Take steps that can immediately resolve the issue.

Note: Consider saving relevant information, such as the Tweet’s URL, if you think you may need to reference a Tweet at a later point.

Dismiss the Tweet: If you see a Promoted Tweet that you no longer want to see, you can dismiss it to remove it right away. This action provides Twitter with feedback about the advertiser and prevents that particular Promoted Tweet from appearing in your timeline again. To read more about dismissing Promoted Tweets, see here.

Contact the advertiser: Promoted Tweets are Tweets first, which means you can interact with them exactly as you would any other Tweet. You may want to reply to the advertiser or, if the advertiser follows you, send them a Direct Message to bring any issues directly to their attention.

Block the advertiser: Blocking an advertising account will prevent its Promoted Tweets from appearing in your timeline going forward. It will also prevent the account from being displayed as a recommended Promoted Account. To read more about what blocking does on Twitter, see here.


Report the Twitter Ad.

Twitter has a form for reports related to Twitter Ads. Although advertisers are responsible for the content of their profile, Tweets and all promotions they run on the Twitter Ads platform, we will examine reported violations of the Twitter Ads Policy, the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service and will take action accordingly.

You can report Twitter Ads here.

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