Automated copyright claims for live video

X and Periscope are testing technology designed to help copyright owners find and control unauthorized uses of their content on our platforms.

X and Periscope broadcasts that match copyrighted content may be disabled or have limited visibility.

What happens when a broadcast is claimed?

If one of your broadcasts is claimed because of an automated match, you will have the opportunity to dispute the claim. If you dispute the claim, we will reinstate your broadcast as a replay. You may choose to dispute a claim if you believe the claimed material was misidentified or the claim was a mistake (for example, you had the right to use the claimed material in question, or you believe your use of the material is a fair use). When we restore a broadcast because of a dispute, a copyright holder may still send us a formal copyright takedown notice under our copyright policy. If the broadcast is removed as the result of a formal takedown notice, you can still challenge the removal with a counter-notice. 

A claim may result in the removal of a broadcast, but will not create long-term penalties on your account. If we receive repeated claims within a few hours, we may temporarily limit your ability to broadcast. 

If you are a X business partner and have questions regarding automated copyright claims, please reach out to your account manager.

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