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Stay safe on Twitter


Feel safe to express yourself on Twitter


Twitter safety features

Feel safer as you start your own conversations on Twitter with help from these features.


Hate spoilers? Us too. You can mute an account while remaining a follower. 

Try muting words, topics, or conversations to stop seeing content or notifications related to what you’d rather avoid.


An example of what the mute and block icons look like on the Twitter mobile app


Control who can see your Tweets and what Tweets you see by blocking accounts.

When you block an account, they can’t see your Tweets, direct message you, or follow you. It also means you can’t follow them unless you unblock.


See something off? Report abusive Tweets or accounts to us.

360 safety

These features help you feel safe on Twitter:

  • Hide replies to Tweets you no longer want to see.
  • Update your privacy settings to control who sees your Tweets, what is visible on your profile, and more.

Get to know the Twitter privacy policy and how we use information you share.


More ways to stay safe

There are more ways to keep up with Twitter’s safety tools, policies, and updates.

Go to the Twitter Safety Center

Go to the Twitter Safety Center to learn more about all the features in place to help you feel safe on Twitter.

Follow @TwitterSafety

Stay in the know by following @TwitterSafety.

Read about our approach to safety

Learn more about our approach to safety along with our core principles by visiting Safety on Twitter.


Feel safe to use your voice

Be empowered to express yourself on Twitter:

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