How to make the best Twitter –– for you

Unfollow to fine-tune your timeline


Follow only the the things you love

Keep your timeline fresh by unfollowing the accounts and Topics you no longer wish to see.


Unfollow accounts

Keep your Twitter relevant to your interests.

Why unfollow?

Not interested in someone’s account anymore? Accidentally followed someone and want to undo it? Unfollow with the tap of a button to stop seeing their Tweets in your timeline.

How to unfollow

Use the same process for unfollowing accounts as you do for following by tapping the Follow button in a Tweet, next to an account name, or from a profile page.

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to unfollow people on Twitter.


Unfollow Topics

Stay on top of the Tweets you see.

How to unfollow Topics

If you’re no longer interested in seeing Tweets related to a Topic, you can unfollow--just like you would unfollow an account.

From your profile, tap the Following button next to the Topic in your Topic list.

An example of the Following button: a blue pill-shaped button with the word Following written in white


Unfollow accounts and Topics for a fresh timeline

See what you want to see on Twitter by:

• Unfollowing accounts you no longer wish to see

• Unfollowing Topics you’re no longer interested in

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