How to make the best Twitter –– for you

Tweak your Twitter with custom settings


Personalize your Twitter experience


Customize your settings

Change how you see Tweets, get notified, and more.

Visit Settings and privacy

Change your custom settings to control more of your Twitter experience. Update privacy and safety preferences, the notifications you receive, display settings, and more. 

An example of the options available in the Settings and privacy page on the Twitter mobile app


Have fun with it

Explore different settings to build the Twitter you want, like turning on dark mode to prevent eye strain.

An example of the Twitter mobile app in dark mode

Try it now

Set content preferences

Visit the Settings tab to change some of your Twitter settings.


Adjust content preferences

Customize content to make Twitter yours.

Update your content preferences

When you change your preferred language, you’ll get recommended Tweets, account suggestions, and trends in that language.

Step by Step

For more on personalization and data settings, visit Personalization and data settings.

See content from home in the Explore tab even while you’re away.

Twitter shows you trends based on where you are. If you’d like to catch up on what’s happening at home, you can adjust this setting from content preferences in settings and privacy. For more details see the Help Center.

Receive recommendations as push notifications

Get notified right away when something interesting happens. If you’re on the Twitter app, you can receive recommendations as push notifications.

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to receive recommendations from Twitter.


Customize your Twitter for the best experience

Keep your Twitter unique to you by:

• Customizing your settings

• Setting content preferences

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