How to join the conversation on Twitter

Send a Direct Message


Reach out to people you know


Send a Direct Message

Compose and send a Direct Message to someone on Twitter.

Why use Direct Messages

Have something to say, but not to everyone? Use Direct Messages to have non-public conversations on Twitter with anyone who follows you. 

You can check in with someone, start new conversations or move conversations off a timeline, or share Tweets or media with an individual or group.

How do I send a Direct Message?

Tap the envelope icon to go to your messages and then use the message icon to get started. Find who you want to message by entering their @username.

You can message individuals or groups, as long as they follow you.

An example of the Direct Message icons, one with an envelope and one with an envelope and a plus sign

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out About Direct Messages.

Try it now

Start a conversation with someone you know

Reach out to one of your followers with a Direct Message.


Change your Direct Message settings

Control who can send you Direct Messages on Twitter.

Allow Direct Messages from anyone

You can choose to continue to receive messages only from people who follow you, or you can opt in to receive Direct Messages from anyone. 

Just change this in your privacy and safety settings.

Change other Direct message settings

You can change other settings related to your Direct Messages, including:

  • Choose to review messages as requests before accepting
  • Turn read receipts on/off to show people when you’ve read their message

Step by Step

Read more about your Direct Message settings at About Direct Messages.


Use Direct Messages for personal connections on Twitter

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