How to join the conversation on Twitter

Bookmark Tweets to read later


Save it for later


How Bookmarks work

Use Bookmarks when you don’t want to lose a Tweet.

Why Bookmarks

Need more time to write a clever response or just want to save a Tweet for later? Bookmark it! Your Bookmarks tab will store all of those Tweets.

How to save a Bookmark

Saving a Bookmark is easy – just tap the Share icon under a Tweet to save it to your bookmarks.

An example of the Share menu with the Bookmark icon highlighted on the Twitter mobile app

See your Bookmarks

When you want to see Tweets you’ve Bookmarked, go to the Bookmarks tab from your profile icon menu. You can remove Bookmarks from this same tab.

Pro Tip

Get creative with your Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be used in different ways. Here’s some ideas:

  • Save Tweets with videos or articles you want to remember to read
  • Bookmark funny threads you want to share with someone later
  • Keep some of your favorite Tweets for yourself (your Bookmarks are not public)

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out.

Try it now

Bookmark a Tweet to save it for later.

Find a Tweet you want to remember and save it to your Bookmarks for easy access later.


Set aside Tweets you want to remember.

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