How to join the conversation on Twitter

Compose your first Tweet


Start a conversation


Tweet basics

Tweets take many forms and appear many places.

Start a conversation by sending a Tweet.

A Tweet is a message posted to Twitter containing text, photos, videos, GIFs, or links. Replies and Retweets are types of Tweets. Seems easy, right?

Where Tweets appear

All your Tweets appear on your profile page and Home timeline. Your Tweets also show up in other people’s Home timelines or in search.


How to Tweet

Express yourself with your own Tweets.

Tweet right from your timeline.

Tweeting takes a few quick taps right from your Home timeline. Start by tapping the compose icon.

How to compose a Tweet by tapping the compose icon

Tweet with words or media

Tweets can have a maximum up to 280 characters, up to 4 photos, or a single GIF or video. You can also add a link.

Choose who can reply to your Tweet

Even if your Tweets are unprotected, you can control who replies to each Tweet you write:

  • Everyone
  • People you follow
  • Only people you mention in the Tweet itself (with an @username).
An example of setting the controls on who can reply to a Tweet

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to Tweet.

Try it now

Check out where to create Tweets

Wanna give it a shot? Tap the compose icon on Twitter and type up a Tweet to share with the world (or to save it for later).


What to Tweet

Find ideas or passions you want to write about on Twitter.

Talk about what’s happening

Tweeting is fun. Start by answering the question Twitter asks you when you go to write a Tweet: What’s happening?

An example of a blank Tweet with the prompt “What’s happening?”

Speak to your interests

Your Tweets can reflect who you are. If you’re not sure what to talk about, think about your favorite hobbies or interests, your industry, or even the latest news you have comments on.

Add some spice

When you want to express yourself beyond words, try some of these other features to spice up your Tweets:

  • Add a hashtag or emoji
  • Add photos or video
  • Share a link to something you find interesting

Pro Tip

Add a hashtag to your Tweets

Tweets can include hashtags — a keyword or phrase (without spaces) with a # before it. Hashtags connect conversations. And they help you search for content around a topic.

Tap a # to see all the Tweets in that conversation.

Examples of different Twitter hashtags like #FitFam, #Funny, and #TBT


Add your voice

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