How to join the conversation on Twitter

Share Tweets with others


Keep everyone in the loop


Share Tweets on Twitter

Send Tweets to people you know both on and off Twitter.

Share on Twitter with a Direct Message

Be more discreet than a Retweet—share Tweets with Direct Messages to someone or a group of people who follows you.

An example of the Share icon with an upward arrow coming out of a u-shaped box

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to share a Tweet.


Share Tweets outside of Twitter

Even if your peeps aren’t on Twitter yet, keep them in the loop by sharing a Tweet.

Share Tweets via links and other apps

Share Tweets outside of Twitter through SMS messages, email, or a range of apps. Tap the Share icon and select a contact or app. Also, you can copy a link to the Tweet and share the link however you want.

Try it now

Share a Tweet with someone not yet on Twitter

Tap the share icon on a Tweet and send it to someone.


Easily share updates and discoveries with your network

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