How to join the conversation on Twitter

Retweet your favorite Tweets


Pass along the Tweets you love


How Retweets work

Use Retweets to forward Tweets you love, news you want to share, or fun discoveries to your followers.

What are Retweets?

Retweets are Tweets you share publicly with your followers. They’ll see the Tweet in their timeline with the Retweet icon and your handle.

An example Tweet highlighting the Retweet icon

Pro Tip

Use Retweets to Tweet often

Not sure what to Tweet about on your own? Retweets are a great way to stay active on Twitter. You can bring your followers into the conversation by Retweeting things you find interesting. Eventually, you can even add your point of view to Retweets with Quote Tweets.

Quote Tweets

Quote Tweets allow you to add a comment to Retweets. Use these to add your own point of view to Retweets. You can include text or media the same way you would in regular Tweets.

An example of a Quote Tweet with an original Tweet about pizza

How to Retweet

Use the Retweet icon to quickly Retweet or Quote Tweets.

Retweet directly from a Tweet

When you’ve found a Tweet you want to re-post, select the Retweet icon and then decide if you want to Retweet the Tweet by itself or if you want to make it a Quote Tweet.


The Retweet menu on the Twitter mobile app featuring Retweet and Quote Tweet options

Pro Tip

Retweet your own Tweets

You can Retweet your own Tweets, not just others’. Do this to re-post any of your Tweets you think followers might have missed, Tweets you want followers to see again, or Tweets you want to share with a new POV (as a Quote Tweet).

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to Retweet.

Try it now

Show your followers a Tweet you dig

Find a Tweet you want to re-post and go Retweet it.


Retweet and Quote Tweet to share more on Twitter

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