How to join the conversation on Twitter

Reply to Tweets to add your voice


Join the conversation with a reply


What are replies?

Easily share your thoughts on someone else’s Tweet with a Reply. Respond to a Tweet and get in the conversation.

What do replies look like?

A Tweet that’s in response to another will have a note to say who it’s replying to. When you get replies to your own Tweets, you’ll see a similar note. For each Tweet, there’s a count of the number of replies.

An example of a Tweet about pizza with a reply from another person

Who sees replies?

When you reply to a Tweet, the author will be able to see your reply and will also get a notification. You’ll also see your reply on your timeline. 

Additional replies to the same Tweet may appear in your timeline if you are following the accounts that are replying to yours or other Tweets.

Pro Tip

Use replies to reach out to your favorites

You can reply to a Tweet even if you aren’t following the account and the account owner isn’t following you. So even if your favorite accounts have millions of followers, you can reply to them. They might even write back.


How to reply to a Tweet

Replying to Tweets is simple. Just use the reply icon.

Replying to other people

When you see a Tweet you’d like to reply to, tap the reply icon and write your response. Press the reply button when you’re ready and your response will be sent.

Pro Tip

Bring others into the conversation

Quickly respond to multiple people at once. You can mention other accounts in your reply to a Tweet. If you are responding to a Tweet that already mentions someone, your reply brings them into the conversation.

Receiving replies to your Tweets

If someone responds to one of your Tweets, you’ll get notified on your Notifications tab (or through a push notification). If you’re following someone that replies to you, you will also see the Tweet in your home timeline.

Step by Step

For more on replies, check out About replies and mentions.

Try it now

Find a Tweet on your timeline to reply to

Start adding your voice to the conversation by finding a Tweet you want to reply to now.


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