How to get started with Twitter

Visit Explore to see what’s happening


What’s on trend?


How Explore works

Explore catches you up on a range of subjects, curated just for you. This is where Twitter shows you what’s happening, right now.

The Explore tab is where it’s at

Visit the Explore tab by tapping the magnifying glass icon from your app (or the # icon on desktop). Now you can explore...Explore!

An example of the Explore tab on the Twitter mobile app

Explore tabs on tabs

Explore tabs may vary based on your location and settings. Typically, you’ll see these sections:

  • For you: Popular hashtags, subjects, or updates that Twitter thinks you’ll enjoy most, based on your activity
  • Trending: What’s happening in the world
  • News, Sports, Fun, Entertainment tabs: Other top stories or news related to different subjects

Try it now

Check out the Explore tab

Go visit the Explore tab now to see what’s trending in your area.

Changing local settings

Set Explore to show you updates where you are now, or change the location to see what’s happening in other countries. Use the Settings icon in the Explore tab to make the change.

The Explore settings with an option to show content in your current location

Pro Tip

Get better results by using Twitter often

The more you use Twitter, the more customized the Explore tab gets. Keep logging in, liking and interacting with Tweets, and following accounts and Topics you care about. We’ll make sure you know we’re listening by updating what we show you.


See what everyone is talking about right now.

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