How to get started with Twitter

Create a profile to share who you are


Put a face to the name


Add a photo to your profile

Add a photo to your profile to make it easy for people to find you and see who you are.

What photo should I use on my profile?

Show off who you are with a profile photo. Pick one that shows who you are and helps others recognize you. 

Don’t want to show your face? Try a creative or funny photo. Some people on Twitter use different pictures to match the personality of the Tweets they write. You can change it up at any time.

How to upload a photo

Update your profile photo with a just a few taps:

  1. Go to your profile and tap Edit Profile.
  2. Tap on your profile photo.
  3. Upload or select the photo you want.
The Edit Profile page on the Twitter mobile app

Pro tip

Get creative with a header photo

Tell us more about yourself with a header photo. This banner lives on your profile page and can be used to add some color and style to go along with your Tweets.


Introduce yourself to the world with a bio

Use your bio to tell us a bit about you and what you love.

Feeling stuck?

This is your space.

If you have writer’s block, try looking at bios on your favorite accounts for some inspiration. The possibilities are endless. From your hobbies to a quote to your job – it’s up to you.

An example Twitter profile with a bio that reads “Filmmaker. Dancer. Aspiring barista.”

Pro Tip

Your profile should evolve – like you

On Twitter, you want you to be yourself — and just as your interests, tastes, and passions change, so can your profile. Change up your photos, bio, and even your display name. Go on, have a little fun.

How to update your bio

Editing your bio? Easy peasy:

  • From your profile page, click Edit profile
  • Update your bio, name, location, website, or birth date – then save!

Try it now

Update your profile with a new photo and bio

Make your profile pop with a unique photo and a bio to show others what you’re all about.

Step by Step

For more on editing and updating your profile, check out How to customize your profile.


We think you’re awesome. Let’s create a profile to match.

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