How to get started with Twitter

Sync your contacts to find people you know


Find your people


How to sync your address book

See what your community is already talking about on Twitter.

Hear from the people you know

Adding your network on Twitter lets you see what people you know are interested in and what they’re talking about. It’s easy – just add your contacts.

Upload your address book

Use the Settings and privacy menu to quickly sync your contacts:

  • Go to Privacy and safety > Discoverability and contacts.
  • Sync your address book contacts from there.

You’ll see the accounts of contacts from your address book appear!

Pro Tip

Add your contacts for a personalized touch

Uploading your address book doesn’t just connect you to people you know, it also helps us make additional recommendations or suggestions on Tweets or accounts we think you’ll like.

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, visit How to upload and manage your contacts.

Try it now

Sync your contacts on Twitter

Go to your settings and upload your address book to see your contacts now.


Find your contacts for a better Twitter experience

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