How to connect with your followers

Pro tips: Get your followers talking


Get everyone talking


Use questions and polls to spark conversation

Invite your followers to add their voice.

Ask questions to your followers

Ask open-ended questions in your Tweets for a quick and easy way to connect with your followers. They can respond through Retweets, Quote Tweets, or by replying directly to your Tweet. 

Not only will followers feel more connected to your Tweets, but they may even end up sharing them to their own followers when they respond.

An example of a Tweet with a question about gaming platforms

Create a poll to gather opinions

Get feedback on things you care about by creating a poll that lasts anywhere from five minutes to seven days.

Tap the poll icon when composing a Tweet to create a poll about anything you want.

When a poll ends, anyone can see the results in the original Tweet.

An example of a poll about your favorite place to escape. There are zero responses.
An example of a poll about your favorite place to escape. The poll has ended.

Step by Step

For step-by-step instructions, check out About Twitter polls.

Pro Tip

Use polls to get answers that help you.

Not only do polls engage your followers by being a fun way to interact with your Tweets, they can provide you important information based on what you ask. Here’s an example: Want to know what types of Tweets your followers want to see from you? Ask in a poll!

Try it now

Ask about what’s on your mind

Publish a poll to see what your followers have to say about something you care about.




Give your followers a say.

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