How to connect with your followers

Go live with guests to share experiences as they happen


Invite others to experience a moment with you.

Go live on Twitter to bring your followers into your world.


Go live on Twitter

Share your own form of breaking news.

Why go live on Twitter

Live videos on Twitter engage audiences across the world in a unique way. They can break a news story, offer a forum for groups, or keep everyone entertained with something interesting.

An example of a person that is streaming live on Twitter

How to create live videos

You can share live videos (including with audio only), directly from the Twitter app. Tap the camera icon when you go to compose a Tweet and choose to start a live video.

An example of the Go live menu with an option to invite guests on the Twitter mobile

Use live videos to stand out to your followers

Live videos are a great way for followers to feel more connected to you by tuning in and responding as you stay live. You can go live to show something interesting that’s happening around you or even just to use the time to chat. It’s up to you!

An example of person streaming live on Twitter with the UI showing that a guest has joined

Pro Tip

Invite your followers to join your videos

Take your live videos a step further by inviting followers to join as guests and contribute that way. You can invite guests in the moment or even use the tool to plan out themed videos with guests you schedule to join you.

An example of the Invite Guests menu prior to going live with the Twitter mobile app

Try it now

Check in with your following

Go start a live broadcast and share what you’re doing for a few minutes.

For step-by-step instructions, check out How to create live videos on Twitter.




Invite the world to see what you’re up to.

Go live on Twitter to:

  • Share what’s happening in real-time
  • Show new discoveries or breaking news
  • Connect with your followers on a deeper level
  • Invite guests to share experiences with you

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